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YouTuber Clan War Challenge LIVE Tomorrow!

YouTuber Clan War Challenge LIVE Tomorrow!
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We’re going to be hosting a special 2 hour 5v5 Clan War from Supercell HQ tomorrow at 12pm GMT+3! Tune in to watch the Purple Cobras demolish the peasants in Total Damage – links and more times below…


3am West Coast, USA (GMT -6)
6am East Coast, USA (GMT -3)
10am London, UK (GMT +1)
12pm Helsinki, Finland (GMT +3)
5pm Manila, Phillipines (GMT +8)


Check this out chief!

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  1. I missed it, how can i watch it now 🙁



  4. Chief pat should do more skits like this

  5. I'm more of a Total Damage guy 🙂

  6. i watched nikatnites version also (ik their the same)

  7. if the guy doesent have a clan castle then how is he in the clan it doesent make sence

  8. Wow you've really kept those cuss words in for alot of videos I think you were pretty happy when you got to cuss every sentence

  9. if the guy didnt build his clan castle, how is he in the war?! lol

  10. Dayum Chief, you have some colorful language! Is that why you're on the Purple Cobras?

  11. did they say:0:190:22
    Chief Pat:What are we gonna do?
    Purple Cobra's Team:Destroy there Shit

  12. Hahaha! Entertainment is strong in this one!

  13. Bruh why you swearing so much

  14. Were going to F*ck them so HARD!!! Thats what she said.

  15. Listen, we are gonna (barbarian) them in their (barbarian) (barbarian), it will be easiest war of our (barbarian) lifes… zlol

  16. You may not be Ben Stiller, but you better do the fucking dance when you walk in!

  17. Cheif pat;is there a reason your game's in Spanish?
    Alvaro:(Spanish nonsense)
    Cheif pat;English motherf*cker do you speak it?!

  18. whats a clan castle chief     fuck

  19. Lol english mother fucker do u speak it.

  20. Bro chief pat didn't swear on his video and now he says English mother fu** wtf

  21. that was cool.. I like your style Chief PAT

  22. At first I thought purple Cobras and total damage was their real clan name lol

  23. purlecobras are mean so total damage maibe will win

  24. go go purple cobras

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