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WOW 1000 FREE GEMS | Clash of Clans | 1000 War Stars and DRAGONS

WOW 1000 FREE GEMS | Clash of Clans | 1000 War Stars and DRAGONS
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1000 war stars in Clash of Clans gives me 1000 FREE Gems! Using the new maxed Baby Dragon and Dragons in CoC. How to?


TH 11: 40/40/10 Heroes
TH 10: 30/30 Heroes
TH 9: 20/20 Heroes



Once downloaded message GuanLinsanity, Simon-bnp, or bnpgabe. (Make sure you meet the requirements or you will be blocked!)

CASH FOR APPS (FREE GEMS): http://cashforap.ps/cam

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  1. 6:25 it's your second rage spell bro

  2. can I join your clan .. I am the 9. and I am in master league

  3. The Chinese guy 沙拉 means sealed

  4. 7:45 when you're trying to fit in…

  5. what's the song called with the weird guy singing he he he he he

  6. dat dance though when he forgets his queen :D

  7. wut about town hall 8 breh

  8. what's that funny guy coming in middle and sing??

  9. pwedeng aking lang iyong coc

  10. What is the name of the song that cam is showing while he was 3 staring a base?"The guy wearing a silver space suit with fire cracker"

  11. perfect g!itch i found doing work for F R E E G E M S is shared on the internet below scoop.it/t/coc-2017/p/4074083101/2017/01/17/coc-2017?

  12. So no th7 can join, I always get three stars on bases with my dragons or hogs, I'm pretty much maxed just a few more wars

  13. ░i░ ░f░o░u░n░d░ ░a░n░ ░e░f░f░e░c░t░i░v░e░ ░g░!░i░t░c░h░ ░t░o░ ░t░o░ ░g░ ░e░t░ ░t░o░n░s░ ░o░f░ ░G░ ░e░m░s░!░ ░t░h░i░s░ ░i░s░ ░s░h░a░r░e░d░ ░o░n░ ░l░i░n░e░ ░r░i░g░h░t░ ░h░e░r░e░:░ scoop.it/t/coc-2017/p/4074083101/2017/01/17/coc-2017

  14. i uncovered a great g!itch to to g et huge amounts of G ems! it's provided online sitting here: scoop.it/t/games-clash-of-clans/p/4074497976/2017/01/26/play-game-clash-of-clans

  15. Use my cash for apps invite code (3b6a9a7)

  16. "Wait wheres the queen?" I completly lost it at this point lmfao XDD

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