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Why the Healer and Queen Walk Must NOT Be Nerfed! Clash of Clans – Leaked Update Healer Nerf

Why the Healer and Queen Walk Must NOT Be Nerfed! Clash of Clans – Leaked Update Healer Nerf
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Please show your support. Let’s stop Supercell from nerfing one of our favorite strategies, the Archer Queen walk / Super Queen with Healers. #SaveTheQueenWalk
Leaked information of the March 2016 update can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJ28k…
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  1. I completly agree with you. Supercell would simply destroy dark farming. I think the super queen is the only way for "normal" farming people to reach the max heroes levels. Yes it is difficult, but when you aim for easy bases (so the defence is just bad, so that the defender can not say that super queen is OP) and use the best army, it is simply the only way to farm lots of dark elixir. It would not be fair to deny the super quenn for farming.

  2. Ash thats horrible ..i like the super queen walk strategy especially after watching your videos ..why super cell is trying so hardto corrupt one of the most awesome games in android world thats not their right even if they are the mother company…iu object to whatever they are trying in next update to destroy the super queen

  3. it was false… check Supercell forum.

  4. #savethequeenwalk PLEASE!! STOP RUINING THE GAME MILLIONS LOVE. Are you trying to slowly phase out COC Super Cell? Are you purposely trying to make ppl migrate to Royale? Please stop #savethequeenwalk

  5. I just got my queen and I think it would be unfair to buff the queen walk just because people think that it's overpowered

  6. please Ash do something ..the company must listen to the players thats not their decision only..thats not democratic..they will ruin everything bro

  7. queen wal takes skill and this game is based upon skill (strategy) and creating such strategy is actually what builds the game up because it becomes competitive and makes players alert on how to counter, ut makes the game good and not dull.

  8. Save the super queen, its foe the best

  9. #SaveTheQueenWalk
    I would like to keep the queen walk too! God save The Queen Walk!!!

  10. They might as well remove the fucking healers if they're gonna nerf the healers, makes no fucking sense. #savethequeenwalk

  11. supercell soon gonna ruin the game…

  12. btw her ai still sucks, she targets walls a lot still

  13. #savethequeenwalk its so hard to make it to lvl 40 and then as easy as that they will make it worthless?.. thats unfair…


  15. No super queen??? :'(
    I'm gonna quit CoC. :/

  16. im gonna quit if they nerfed it. im only starting on my th9. *sigh

  17. They already did enough changing in COC such as reducing the dead bases. Fine, gotcha. We've thought of strategies to adapt to their update then they do this. The Archer queen walk is not an overpowered stratagem but they are strong as any popular army composition nowadays. One of the reason why I like the Archer Queen walk is because it adds spice to my attacks; not those typical GOWIPE, LAVALOONION attacks; it adds options to my attacks-varieties. They should just completely eliminate the healer from the army roster because it'll be utterly weak if they implement this.

  18. They first take out town hall sniping, now they are getting rid of Queen walk, WTF, dude if this happens I I'm done with clash games, supercell can't appreciate all the money some people put in this game that is becoming a pile of shit

  19. If they nerf queen walk I'm done with this game.

  20. I just got good at the queen walk please don't nerf it!!

  21. plz do not remove queen walk….


  23. #SaveTheQueenWalk im a th8 and don't have the queen yet but I still know that this isn't really something to be worried about its a pretty balanced attack which takes skill to use properly

  24. Nerf The Queeeeeeen!!!!!!

  25. Then again before the queen walk everything was fine

  26. haha its funny how you think anyone will listen to you

    or how else do you expect us to get that much de for max heros at th9!

  28. My opinion is that you're dead wrong. Here's why.

    You refer to the queen walk as "one of the best strategies in clash of clans history". Historically, other highly effective strategies such as gowiwi after witch release and hog raids before giant bomb changes were similarly oversaturated in gameplay. Such strategies were effective enough to result in easy to guaranteed 2 and 3 star attacks, much like the queen walk is able to do. Such attacks were, despite what you may think, considered by developers, but their efficiency was not maximized until it reached the general public. I don't think the queen walk was something developers considered, but your argument that queen walk is a community created strategy and should therefore be exempt from changes is irrelevant.

    Speaking strictly about efficiency and reward for a given troop space, there is absolutely no strategy that offers the ability to take out 20-50% of relevant defenses depending on offense v defense disparity for the amount of troop space except for queen walk. There is no better kill squad in the game that compares to queen walk. Why bother investing time learning how to get good with a small gowiwi+hero kill squad to take out less than or equal percentage of relevant defenses when the queen walk does the same exact thing more efficiently and safely. Supercell explicitly stated they want to encourage kill squads. Queen walk in it's current form kills the idea of competition in regards to kill squad strategies.

    Your argument towards those who push for queen walk nerfs is laughable honestly. Your position that you need maxed/comparable level defense to match the offense of the queen level or that you shouldn't expect to deal with queen walk as a th8 (while true) or that you have a bad base is effectively the equivalent of saying "get good scrub" and isn't a legitimate argument against a queen walk nerf. For anecdotal evidence, i am a th10 with maxed infernos, maxed th9 defenses, maxed traps, and an admittedly spread out base. You do not need a th9 maxed queen to take out 6 or more of my storages and 2 stars guaranteed. Obviously queen walk should be super effective against full town hall levels below you. However it's obvious that queen walk is more than effective against town halls above yours as well, though this is strictly limited to the th9 vs th10 matchup. Th11s pretty much eat maxed queen walk, but in that situation they still get a lot of value by taking out many relevant defenses like air defense.

    Does this mean i am bitter about the strategy and want to see the strategy dead? Absolutely not. I enjoy watching competitive communities, and seeing a new strategy in clash is always interesting. I would be absolutely fine with queen walk being used to take out no more than 20-25% of a base, but this is not the upper limit of the strategy as it stands currently. This is where i think you're especially wrong about these changes. The queen walk strategy will not die based on the changes i have seen in leaks. If the range of healers were reduced it would die, but they're simply reducing stacked healing more than they did before. When they reduced stacked healing before, it made no dent in the effectiveness of queen walk as the results of it's execution were unchanged. In this nerf, the upper limit will be brought in line with what it should realistically achieve for it's composition cost. You should still be able to use queen walk to tag an air defense and a couple archer towers and maybe a tesla, to then take out a second air defense with earthquake lightning and 2 star with drags for example. You should not be able to use queen walk to tag an air defense, archer towers, storages, xbows, teslas, dark storage, and have the queen with full health at the end of a raid.

    This game does not revolve around offense over defense. This game revolves around the balance between offense and defense, and balance is an extremely tricky and sensitive thing for a game developer to accomplish. Despite that we have seen community opinion for balance in regards to th9 in the past at extremely high approval ratings. The queen walk in it's current form is not something that you can argue is balanced. You want to spend time trying to convince supercell to change their minds even though if it's true it's a done deal? Why would you not spend that time thinking of how the queen walk might still be utilized in a weakened form?

    Thanks for reading. Stay calm and clash on.

  29. great video Ash. I agree completely! let's think about this for a minute… if you use 3 or more healers, your dedicating at least 42 or more slots to a support troops. that's a lot of potential offense you not able to use by using healers. also, you have to he very strategic to use super queen/queen walk properly. you can't just dump all the troops on the map and expect it to work. the healers may lock onto other targets or get too close to AD and die. you have to plan out your attack properly and execute it for those strat to work. I'd argue GoWiPe requires MUCH less skill to execute.

    you said those was a stratagy that "we" the clash community came up with and you are right. slowly people have found ways to combat this stratagy by building strong bases. that's what this game is all about, isn't it? so why nerf it???

    I have seem plenty of people try to use this stratagy and lose miserably. I, myself don't use it in war as I have a tough time executing it. I use it to farm but the mechanics are different when your aiming for loot. 3 staring a base with this strat is not as easy as it seems and by no means is it OP… maybe SuperCell needs to stop watching the pros on youtube who execute it great and think that everyone can do it. it's like if the NBA outlawed dunking bcuz so many guys do it. do you know how hard it is to dunk on an elite defend or to get open enough to do it? seriously SuperCell. let "us" police ourselves. don't make use all play the same way and become a boring GoWiPe community! diversity is what made this game great. don't penalize us for evolving! #SaveSuperQueen

  30. i think this can make a difference … thumbs up for this !!!! healer should not be nerfed as it require skill it is not easy at all. to master this strategy you have to undergo lot of failure so supercell should understand this !

  31. hey ash, please tell how to 3★ th11 maxed. eagle ruined my each attacks …. what to do ??? 🙁 my queen is 17 …

  32. Queen walk is really not skilled, you place the queen with some healers then rage when shes taking too much damage

  33. no Queen Walk ? I think I should stop playing this game , its gana be mockery :(

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