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  • Villagers are the pink-haired people that wander aimlessly around the village, jumping over Walls and interacting with Obstacles. They will sometimes enter the Town Hall, and leave again, or even call others to come out.


  • The Villagers and Builders will run and hide in the Town Hall if the village is under attack. This is true even if the Town Hall is the first building attacked.
  • They will walk around the village randomly, aiming for Obstacles and occasionally Buildings and Defensive Buildings.
  • They will ‘approve’ of structures by placing their hands on their hips and nod, or by clapping their hands next to it.
  • They may sometimes walk up to a Hidden Tesla and clap while visiting/observing the base, thus revealing the position of a hidden building to an attacker.
  • After villagers have roamed around the village for a while they will go back to the town hall.  Meaning that they treat it as an army camp, so if it is moves around while the villagers are walking back the villagers will track it like an army camp.


  • They have green dresses, yellow belts, pouches, red hair, and are barefoot. They also appear to have a blue cape that they drag behind them. In the achievements section they appear to have brown-red hair, however, in your village, they appear to have pink hair.
  • Villagers often clap next to buildings and obstacles to worship them.
  • A Villager guides you through the tutorial.
  • The Villager that guides you in Clan Wars wears a Viking Helmet.
  • The Villager also tells you when you are attacked.
  • The achievements button has a picture of a Villager on it.
  • Under normal circumstances, the Villager has the same movement speed as a Barbarian. However, while running to the Town Hall during a raid, they move as fast as a Goblin.

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