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Village Guard

Village Guard
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“Guard is the last bit of time before protection from attackers ends. You can attack others without penalty, but be careful – Guard doesn’t last for long!”Summary

  • Village Guard is a post-shield that allows you to attack freely with no penalty that can be dismissed at any time
  • 2 hours of extra Village Guard can be bought for 10 gems every day in the shop when your shield is down (23 hour cool down)
  • Buying a Shield from the shop will dismiss active Village Guard.

When is it Granted?

  • Village Guard LoveAfter a Shield expires
    • After a Shield is expired, Village Guard is activated. Depending on your league, the time is varied on how long the Village Guard lasts.
    • Master I League players and below get a free 30 minutes Village Guard
    • Champion League (all levels) get a free 1 hour Village Guard
    • Titan III League players get a free 2 hours Village Guard
    • Titan II League players get a free 3 hours Village Guard
    • Titan I and Legend League players get a free 4 hours Village Guard
  • After defending a weak attack
    • A 30-minute long Village Guard will automatically be awarded after every defense that does not result in a Shield, or if the player waits out 6 minutes of a personal break without defending. This will also extend the personal break timer by 30 minutes.

Difference between a Shield

  • Village Guard is intended to support active play time, while a Shield is intended to provide opportunities for downtime from the game.
    • For example, if you need a 15-minute break or a 90-minute break, or if you want to boost your Barracks and have an intense 1-hour play session of constant attacking, the Village Guard can be used to make sure you don’t get attacked in the middle of it, even if you get distracted for a while or accidentally go offline.
  • Think of the Village Guard like giving your device to your little brother to keep you online therefore, the time you spend on guard still counts towards the personal break time. If you ever need to step away from your device for a small period of time, the Village Guard stands ready to watch over things until you get back, even if you close the game.

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