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Village Edit Mode

Village Edit Mode
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  • Introduced in the Halloween update on September 30, 2013, Village Edit Mode is unlocked when your Town Hall reaches level 3.
  • It enables the user to quickly clear their village space, so they can spend more time carefully designing their new base.
  • Your village layouts are saved automatically when you close the app in Village Edit Mode.
  • There are two separate categories of saved layouts in the Home Village: those to be used as your normal village and those to be used as your war base in Clan Wars. Both categories allow you to save up to 3 different layouts of each.
    • The 2nd layout slot for both is unlocked at Town Hall level 5, while the 3rd layout slot is unlocked at Town Hall level 7.
  • You can remove buildings and put them into your inventory, allowing you to change your village more efficiently. Your inventory is separated by building type and level. In addition, you will be told how many of each building you have.
  • Village Edit Mode is also available for the Builder Base, starting at Builder Hall level 3. It works in exactly the same way as it does in the Home Village, and three different layout slots are available.
    • The 2nd layout slot for the Builder Base unlocks at Builder Hall level 4 while the 3rd layout slot is unlocked at Builder Hall level 5.
  • The June 2018 Update added the feature to copy a clanmate’s villages while visiting, starting at Town Hall level 4 and Builder Hall level 4. This copy feature can only apply if the clanmate’s Town Hall/Builder Hall level differs from yours by no more than one level.
    • Once copied, the player will be sent into the saved layouts interface, where players can choose the slot they wish to save their copied layout into. Players can choose to save a Home Village layout as one of their Home Village layouts or as one of their War Base layouts.
      • If the player has missing buildings, traps or decorations compared to the clanmate’s layout, holes in the layout appear where these missing structures are.
      • If the player has extra buildings, traps or decorations compared to the clanmate’s layout, or if some buildings or traps cannot be placed due to the presence of obstacles, these structures will be placed in the player’s inventory.
    • After the October 2018 Update, modes for certain buildings and traps are copied as well.


Village Edit Mode Icon GeorgeYao Village Edit Mode can be accessed from the icon that looks like this (located on the right side of your screen).
VEMToolbar On the right side of the Village Edit Mode interface, is this toolbar containing the buttons for all other tools. Tapping this button shows or hides the toolbar on the right side of the interface.
EraseOff When activated, all Buildings, Traps and Decorations that are touched will go to the inventory on the bottom. It will not remove any Obstacles (trees, rocks).
RemoveAll Removes all buildings currently on the screen and into the inventory. This requires confirmation on the user’s behalf in order to do this. It can help to notice new obstacles and remove them, as well as locate the Loot Cart and collect it.
MoveAll When this button is tapped on, the user can move all the buildings placed thus far with the use of four arrow buttons, each one moving the current layout by one tile in the direction it points towards. If the arrow is grayed out, you cannot move the entire layout as such due to this movement being restricted by Obstacles, the Loot Cart or the edge of the base area.
ViewWalls When toggled on, this hides all Traps, Buildings and Decorations while leaving only the Walls. The hidden objects will still be placed, however; the grass around buildings will still be shown.
ScoutMode Hides all Traps and Hidden Teslas, leaving a look of your current layout as if an enemy player were to scout it.
VEMPhotoMode Hides the interface entirely, allowing the user a clear, unobstructed view of their current layout. Users can screenshot (take a photo) their layout if they wish, hence the name.
SaveBase Once all Buildings, Traps and Decorations are placed in your village it will save the new layout.
FinishLater If a layout is incomplete, this button allows the user to save the layout in its current state and allow them to finish it later. This cannot be used if the layout the user is editing is their active layout.
CancelBase This button cancels all changes made to the layout thus far, without saving.


  • Village Edit mode allows you to see the invalid/valid spawn locations of raiding players, previously only seen for a few seconds after you click on Buildings or Walls.
  • As of the 29 January 2014 update, Obstacles can now be cleared in Village Edit Mode, though they still require resources, time and a free Builder.
  • While in Village Edit mode, you are not able to place buildings on top of Tall Grass to remove them for free. You can still remove them manually with Elixir, however.
  • As of the December 2014 update, you can now save multiple bases and switch between them quickly.
  • As of the May 2016 update, more functions (move all, view walls, scout view and photo mode) were added.
  • You are not able to upgrade Buildings while in this mode. There is also no info button.
  • In a case of a disconnection, you can go back to Village Edit Mode and, upon being prompted with the recovered state of your edited village layout, you can continue editing your layout in its current state before the disconnection happened.
  • Village Edit Mode is currently absent from the Japanese version of the game, as of 25/1/18. This is because of Supercell being sued by a Japanese company for patent infringement regarding this feature. As a result, this functionality was turned off in the Japanese version.
Village Edit Mode
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Village Edit Mode
Introduced in the Halloween update on September 30, 2013, Village Edit Mode is unlocked when your Town Hall reaches level 3.
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  1. Hi..I hv 1 problem..my base th8..I can’t go into edit mode..can u help me..pls..

  2. Hi, I wonder if you can help. I have looked everywhere, and I still don’t know how to do it. I want to save my clash of clan village in case my tablet break/get lost. I don’t have an Apple device so I don’t think I can use Game Centre. My email is not Google so I can not use Google+. How do I save my village then?
    I would be most grateful if someone coudl tell me how.
    Regards, Marcia

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