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Vainglory – Worst Kestrel NA…?

Vainglory – Worst Kestrel NA…?
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Been playing a bit of Kestrel lately (mainly in the jungle) and she seems REALLY strong. Of course, that doesn’t mean I know how use/build her…

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“Vainglory is a free-to-play MOBA perfected for touch.
Outplay real opponents in this deep, uncompromising real-time MOBA. Fight with lightning-fast controls using powerful heroes. Destroy the enemy Vain crystal and claim glory! Watch the preview video now to see real gameplay of 3-vs-3 multiplayer battles.”
Thanks to Vainglory for sponsoring this video & hooking me up with some sweet skins to mess around with! 😀


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  1. CP BUILD : Frostburn / Shatterglass, Broken myth, Alternating current , Eve/Aftershock, Boots, Defense

  2. Clockwork is a must of course! I usually go Crystal power, with 1-2 shatter glass, Frost, clockwork, a defensive item, possibly boots, and broken myth. Works very well. Even though the ult is supposed to do weapon damage, it also deals Crystal damage in large amounts as well! And the clockwork makes it available to you faster!

  3. I thought it was clash of clans channel but

  4. Why so much hype? A tier 5 player getting a few kills in a game with kestrel doesn't make it amazing. No offence or anything but seriously.

  5. Ahhhhhhh…. This reminds me of decentish day…. :)

  6. I thought snipers are precise. You missed quite a lot, video misrepresented by title. Bad editing too.

  7. I wouldn't mind watching the whole match and getting a chance to pause in the builds. Some commentary on your train of thought on why you chose or don't chose certain items would be cool.

  8. My build on her is , shatter glass, eve of harvest, alternating current, boots, and depending on what the opponents are building either aegis or fountain of renewal

  9. If youre going jungle use cp if youre going lane do wp and if you do fights dont get to close just a tip and also use snipe only when enemies are low and try to escape i used kestrel a lot lol know everything about her

  10. Hahaha nice… I only knew chef oat by coc.. Not vg… Cool

  11. IMLS is my guild haha, thats funny.

  12. I don't believe you made it to 6 Silver with that build

  13. Wow that's awesome !!! I never fought you would be playing vainglory chief pat haha your awesome man you belong there !!

  14. Use cristils she is op with cristils.


  16. Lol I'm higher lv then chief pat and I have less heroes

  17. Um, I play Kestrel going dual, with a final build of a Sorrowblade, Journey Boots, Shatterglass, Clockwork, Aftershock, and leave a placeholder like tension bow.

  18. "I can't believe I haven't died yet" next clip come he's 4/1 ???

  19. Just recently discovered this game and I'm surprised at how good it is. It's become the one of my top played games on mobile along with Hearthstone. And I'm not much of a mobile player. Really polished and actually works as an esports title on mobile.

  20. The best build imo for Kestrel: Rush Sorrowblade, then boots and a little defense. After that a Tyrants Monocle and straight defense from there. If you reach super-late game and need more damage another Sorrowblade, a second Monocle or even a Breaking Point is good, but most of the time you should be alright with just one SB and one TM. Works for me in Decentish Silver. If anybody wants to add me my ign is TheFirstCurse. Gl Chief

  21. WOW i didnt know you play vain glory im level 16

  22. Not tryna be mean, but a long time ago in a clash mailbag someone asked u what other games u play and u talked about how u like to play one game at once and that that time u said u played vainglory. I think it was over half a year ago, but you look new to the game so how long have u been playing this game and did u quit for a bit or something?

  23. I think my saw skills paid off in this match

  24. wait… HE PLAYS VAINGLORY?!?!!

  25. Why was this featured? Nobody wants to see a tier 6 players game

  26. CP shatter. Boots lv2 . armor pierce clockwork. Shatter. Infuse after that cp and gg keep your stacks up and endless ghost and mana.

  27. I'm thinking about getting taka, ozo, kestrel or one of the people that are off.

  28. Why is he on the vg headline news??? This video was posted a month ago…

  29. How do you stop getting matched with fucking noobs that target the tank instead of the damage dealer

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