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VainGlory – NEW HEROES!!! (Live streaming on twitch)

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LIVE ON TWITCH!! Go HERE: Twitch.tv/Godsonftw

Vainglory livestream today! Also doing a Q&a Starting at 5:30 Pm
follow the stream here: Twitch.tv/Godsonftw


Check this out chief!

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  1. First like view and comment!

  2. This game is bad for me , sorry godson not view the live stream

  3. I wanna play but im on the eu server :(

  4. If I reach 100 subs I will squish a poop and post it on YouTube! If I reach 200 subs I'll will put a poop on my face! NO LIES PROMISE! =)

  5. i cant see the new hero?

  6. Still gets breaking point with krul….

  7. I'm playing since realease and I only have 1 t3 skin.. That's frustrating

  8. Finnaly im im better than you at a game.

  9. I didn't know that you played VG…

  10. bro i cant add you ass a friend so please friend me my name is dunkeddead im really good im level 20 to

  11. i m playing too with ardan

  12. since when he plays VG?

  13. Every one check the slay light if you want LOL

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