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VainGlory – NEW HERO TIER 3 RINGO!!! (Pro Gameplay push to Vainglorious)

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iPhone: http://bit.ly/1zEgBML
Android: http://bit.ly/1DFYBi9

Welcome to Vainglory! The Intense 3 Vs. 3 ios game for iphone and Android! Come find me online and challenge me if you dare!!!


Check this out chief!

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  1. It's like league of legends

  2. do u know who tsm wild turtle is

  3. I alsp played this when it first came out but i dont got any skins lol?????????????????

  4. soo its basicly league of legends nice

  5. godson please accept my friend request kairiko

  6. play more of these games

  7. you should play leage of legends

  8. I use krul so can you make a vid about krul?

  9. Just a tip, Harass him more in lane, don't allow him to cs, make him take dmg every time he goes for cs

  10. hi godson, can you try to play rona with all serpent mask and one boot. This build is actually pretty strong :)you get your health back when you use your ult

  11. upload more VG godson! YEEEAAAaaaaaaaaaa!

  12. Godson why u up front taking all the dmg stay back and kite(move around while attacking) lol

  13. good job, but next tiem be carefulk about backdoors

  14. WHAT YOU OKAY VAIN?! Why are all my favorite clash players uploading this now?

  15. Please make more VainGlory I play it and my name is SassyLeeMan.

  16. Never knew you pkayed it!nice!

  17. Yo godson, u enlarged the screen too much btw. And u should learn how to kite. You kill faster

  18. why is the screen so zoomed in?

  19. Hey Godson i play vainglory too i main taka and celeste do you mind if i add you?


  21. Do more vain glory videos pls

  22. The tier 3 ringo is not all that new

  23. The middle thing is a gold miner godson it is the two at the sides that are minion miners

  24. Ardan can actually do a lot of damage

  25. lol I thought this video was about valkerieys

  26. What tier are u in I am t7 bronze but I was at t8 silver and gold b4 they compress the ranks

  27. U have to stutterstep;)

  28. what skill tier is this on? Not very high looks like

  29. Godson get off vain glory it's not for you

  30. Is that a real wildturtle? :)

  31. Dat skin tho ? shogun t3

  32. Wild turtle tsm is actually a guy who play league of legend in the lcs

  33. Pls play more the new vg update is pretty good

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