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Update Preview: Star Bonus, Treasury and Loot Cart

From the Clash of Clans forums:

As mentioned in our latest posts, we’re currently working on an update that we intend to roll out as soon as possible. In the meantime here is a preview of what’s coming:

Introducing the new Star Bonus! Win five stars in Multiplayer attacks in order to win a daily resource bonus!

Housed in your Clan Castle, the Treasury is the safest place to store resources. Your daily Star Bonus and War Loot Bonus are automatically stored in the Treasury for safeguarding and only a very small percentage can be stolen.

Last but not least, we’ll introduce the Loot Cart. After your village has been attacked, a percentage of the stolen resources will be added to a Loot Cart in your Village. Once you collect the resources from the Loot Cart, these will be transferred to your Treasury for safeguarding.

Besides these new features, the update will also include a few bug fixes and battle balancing tweaks.

We’ll provide more details soon, stay tuned!

Check this out chief!


UPDATE TODAY! Find out what’s beyond your shores when we come back from maintenance!

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