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Townhall 8 attack guide and strategy

Townhall 8 attack guide and strategy
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Finding a good LONG LASTING army or attack strategy in Clash of Clans Can be Hard. I have been a Town hall 8 for Maybe one and half years. I do not Gem,nor rush. My Barracks,Dark barracks,Spell Factory, and Army Camps are maxed out. Meaning i can only Hold 200 Troops and 3 Spells. I also have a Level 5 BARB KING. As it may seem a Barb king without his ability isn’t very good. When it comes to Good attacks THE BARB KINGS Ability WILL BE CRITICALLY Useful. I would Strongly Recommend Upgrading your Barb king to AT LEAST Level 5. I am going to give you a Guide on how to attack. and Good Army’s.


Attacking can be very difficult the higher you get in Leagues.

A Rushed Townhall 8 Should Stay from Silver III – Gold III

A  Premature (Just upgraded from Mature- Max TH7) Should stay from Silver I – Gold III

A Maxed Townhall 8 Should Range from Gold I – Crystal I

Maxed Townhall 8 Base

Rushed Townhall 8 Base

Premature Townhall 8 Base


When Townhall 1-6 the way you always attacked was from Outside in. By that i mean you would attack a base starting from the outside, slowly moving around and in the base,when eventually you would hit the Townhall in the middle. THe higher up you get People start taking advantage of that. Now as Townhall 7+ you  should Make a gap in the Base and go up the middle of the base until you are in the Center. From there your troops fan out and destroy the base inside out. Of course the only way to get to the center of a base without dieing from splash damage is HIGH HP TROOPS. You cant just send a ton of barbarians right into the heart of base and expect them to something. Thats why the higher up you get. you will start getting GOLEMS, PEKKAS, AND EVEN HIGH Level GIANTS. Too me golems are pretty much Giant “Meatshields” they dont do nearly a lot damage at all ,but can take A LOT. Always send your “tank” troops up the middle soaking up all the damage while supported by HIGH DAMAGE TROOPS like wizards.


If you are Townhall 8 I Strongly Recommend upgrading your ARMY CAMPS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Yeah the only give you five extra troop slots, BUT it makes a BIG Difference when attacking. If you have Maxed Army Camps,Barracks,Dark Barracks, and Spell Factory (as a Townhall 8) I recommend these attack strategies:

  • 10 Dragons/ 3 Rage Spells –
  • 1 Pekka /15 Giants / 25 Wizards / 2 Rage Spells / 1 Healing Spell
  • 2 Golems / 2 Pekkas / 15 Wizards / 5 Wallbreakers / 2 rage spells / healing spell
  • 20 Balloons / 30 Minions / 40 Archers / 2 Rage Spells / Healing Spell


The Barbarian King is a very IMPORTANT TROOP WHEN ATTACKING. He can really turn the tides of a battle. There are several ways of taking advantage of your barb king. -Use him as a Wallbreaker. (let him bust a whole into a base for your troops to enter) -Let him Lure out Clan castle troops and kill them – Use him as a “meatshield” send him up the middle to soak up damage nearby troops destroy near by buildings and defences. -Activate his ability and boost all nearby barbarians! can be Extremely powerful when there are a lot of barbarians by him.

Check this out chief!

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