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Town Hall 13, Builder Hall 9, END to Clouds – Clash of Clans UPDATE Talk, Part 2

Town Hall 13, Builder Hall 9, END to Clouds – Clash of Clans UPDATE Talk, Part 2
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Town Hall 13, Builder Hall 9, END to Clouds – Clash of Clans UPDATE Talk, Part 2! Clash of Clans Updates are coming in 2019 – learn more about when and what the updates will bring to CoC!

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Music: Instrumental Core / Really Slow Motion


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  1. Fucking hell how many TH’s are they gonna make? I miss when it was only 10

  2. and it's from the boom beach

  3. Once reach legend 5k tropies
    Change the tropies reward eg. 1 star 5 trophies, 2 star 10, 3 star 30.

    Would be nice to add season end 3tars stats in their profile.

    Then people will Start to base design for defense and reason to take chances to 3 star.

    Now is search for high trophies base, go for safe two star and play 24/7 you will sit higher in league.

    So many legend pusher E Dragon drag Loon easy to 2 star done.

  4. Builder base needs to tie into the main base more or it's pretty damn pointless. There needs to be an exchange for gold or elixir between the two.

  5. Would there possibly be more land ex 50×50

  6. i hope they add a gear up for teslas like the mega tesla where it charges up and does a lot of damage to multiple troops.

  7. Yeah and it's not the boom cannon

  8. Builder base is crap tbh

  9. Sir , what is date when new town hall come plz gave information….Plz..

  10. voice chat for next update ?

  11. Let's hope we don't HAVE to play BH to play home village.. It will make it harder to max out the home village..

  12. Voice chat for the next update

  13. clouds are an easy fix… get rid of the shield time

  14. No ☁️☁️☁️☁️AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I don't love the loading screen also

  16. Why you have added clouding feature?and now you are removing clouding feature😂😂😂

  17. Im happy supercell isn’t focused on boom beach any more and I’m SO siked about the new coc updates!

  18. Next interview can u ask if they could make a feature if u have a spare builder u could put two of them on one building making it be done twice as fast or if u have all 5 builders available u could put all five of them on one building making it be done five times as fast it seem like a pretty cool idea like if u agree

  19. People dont like the loading screen? Lol Weird hill to die on

  20. I don’t want them to add th13 yet. I want HUGE update. Like a really really big update. Even if it takes 2 or 3 more years, I just want a huge update. I want them to release th 13, 14 and 15 all at the same time. And then add so many new things. That would get me excited and it would probably revive clans of clans if it happened to die within the 2-4 years.

  21. Im typing this in my sleep

  22. coc should make all the upgrades 30% lower so they can be maxed or catch up to the townhall13 and even in the builderbase

  23. I wish they would stop adding town halls and work on the lower end of the game some

  24. Ammm so excited with new update really 😘😘😘😘😘 i will start earned many lots for the new update

  25. Please guys, the clouds have ruined the game. 😫

  26. They would not gear up the inferno or xbow because they already have something you can change (e.g inferno gets switch from multi to single). It wouldn’t be the Tesla because the mega Tesla exists and it probably wouldn’t be one of the already geared up defences cannon and archer tower and mortar so that leaves us with air defence probably won’t happen because of the firecrackers. So it comes down to wizard tower, air sweeper, bomb tower and eagle artillery. My guess is the wizard tower becoming the electro wizard tower or the air sweeper becoming a kinda double air sweeper with less range but can shoot behind and in front

  27. Th13 all fly troops to land on the camp to rest lol

  28. Sounds like bh integration/synergy to home village, thought that would happen at the start, better now than never tho…

  29. Why th13 why we dont stop at some point dont you realise this endless gap between top players and casual players keeps new players from starting and more people to quit maybe coc is top grossing but its old players and that eventually will burn out

  30. 13:06 squished ballon next to archer queen

    edit: thanks for 1 like

  31. Love the 3d models and how they move as well. . Here since early 2014 . . . Love the game!

  32. There should be new update where you can search players by their name, not only with their tag…And they should make balancing in builder hall cause it is just to expensive so that we can enjoy more cause it's pretty dam expensive to farm which has really pissed everyone…

  33. And please bring back the old king and queen for those who are not buying the gold pass…

  34. In case you missed it, part 1 of the interview is here:

    Be SURE to stay subscribed with notifications ON- part 3 coming soon- and as always, you'll get the EARLIEST and MOST ACCURATE Clash of Clans update information right HERE!



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