Home » Video's » THIS TH 9 IS STRONGER THAN A TH 11 | Clash of Clans Clan War

THIS TH 9 IS STRONGER THAN A TH 11 | Clash of Clans Clan War

THIS TH 9 IS STRONGER THAN A TH 11 | Clash of Clans Clan War
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Super mismatched clan war in Clash of Clans.. 5 TH 11s VS 14 TH 11s?

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  1. does anyone else see a random thing come up now and then

  2. Hey cam can u post a viedo with a th9 attack 3 strs


  4. Love That Intro one of the bests

  5. I just figured out what that clash of clans pic is

    It's a lava pup blowing up a town hall and a barbarin king jumps in front of it I think

  6. Cam, man you title the video on the clan war and then you make almost the entire video on the builder base? Makes sense…lol

  7. Cam bro, don't put 4 AD on one side cause they can get rekt easily. Put 2 on each side so they will have a hard time by attacking anywhere if there using air. Good tip, hope you change it!

  8. Cam, I went to 3800 to 4300 builder hall trophies from copying your base, thanks!

  9. Hey can I join your clan plz my name is Chipo Jr

  10. Dude the whole screen was black fir me but ofc not the ad😔

  11. so… where is the th9 that better than th11?

  12. Lol there are 666 comments for me😱😱

  13. Wow did you all see that th9 totally stronger than the th11 … Wow!!! 😂😂.. Clickbaitcam eat a burger or go buy some supliments u got the build of a girl.

  14. in the war my clan is in we are facing a lvl12 clan we have 7 th7 9 th10 and 9 th9 and 4 th8. they have 11 th11 7 th10 and 10 th9 and 2 th8 and we won 70-69

  15. that guys attacking u is from nepal

  16. your video has nothing to do with the title of the video.

  17. i was here to copy that th9 war base layout and what i got …nothing!

  18. Hou Dong Lai thinks you are very haaaawwwt man yes

  19. I can almost upgrade my night witch to lvl NEIN

    Racist 😂

  20. I subscribed your my favourite youtuber

  21. Cam how did u get the builder statue

  22. he rushed that's why tht th11 lower

  23. yoo u should speak better while doing this

  24. That second guy was atleast th 10 not th9. Th9 can't have lvl 6 minions, lvl 3 bbd and lvl 5 dragons.

  25. Please open your clan I want to do the challenge

  26. guess what guys,I just went into war and I was the only person that wasnt attacked!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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