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The top players secret hidden bases in Clash of Clans.. Shhhhhh it’s top secret!

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  1. I have been watching since 68,000

  2. Yo he has a lvl 2 clocktower mine is lvl 5

  3. I want 10435 gems nick name is Devil

  4. self made tongue twister:
    crush the crushingly crushing crusher or be crashed by the crushingly crushing crusher

  5. Mother trucker dude that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick

    Jk that didn't hurt at all

  6. Am one of the 2 savage wall breakers 😂😂😂

  7. I believe in maxing out before upgrading my hall (im f2p) so im still in bh5 but my walls and most of my stuff are higher leveled than cam

  8. Guys their is a baby
    1 like-1 year
    And 1 sub to my channel -10 years
    Let's see how many years this baby get. 👶

  9. Love your content cam, u r the best, I'm so satisfied watching your videos, u make my day everyday

  10. Do u hate it when your troops go wherever they want instead of the way you wanted?

  11. I fucking love those short clips in the beginning of his vids 😂😂😂

  12. do more war videos like if you agree

  13. Blaze of battle is huge rip off of coc

  14. You are so full of bullshit now.

  15. The second base is bad if you have night witches spawn them all on the same side as the multi mortar at the corner of the base I have three starred it so many times

  16. hello guys
    join my clan NEW GENERATION
    it is a level 3 clan

  17. Guys top player when off they change their base like this but when they attacks they changes it to real one.

  18. A builder hall 1 can’t 3 star that guys base his defenses would SHIT on his troops

  19. The way he says anyways is funny

  20. What music was used in the intro?

  21. Can you make tutorial for the BH wall upgrade ? (most officiant way)

  22. And don't u have studies to do

  23. Cam:even a th 1 can 3 star this base

    Me:are you sure about that

  24. Im max builder hall 4 and all i need to upgrade is walls, is it better to wait and upgrade my walls or is it ok to go to the next builder hall?

  25. Cam the type of guy to use level 7 minions at BH6 😂

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