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The State of Clash of Clans

The State of Clash of Clans
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The state of Clash of Clans and why I don’t post CoC that much anymore. Plus new weekly collab series with Mystlc7 coming soon!

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  1. I've been looking through your videos looking for a "war attack planning/strategy" video. can't seem to find one. I'm a max 8. I use either goho or govaho. I was looking for tips on how to go about actually planning out an attack.

  2. cam can i join your clan plz im th8 max

  3. will u start playin clash of cllans when it has its next descent sized update

  4. u call that a state of coc video

  5. bruv even cam passed galadon on subscribers also in views

  6. Who the actual mother fuck uses wall breakers with miners? Unless you using wall breakers for cc troops..

  7. SC has spread itself too thin by the look of it and as a result all its games are suffering.

  8. Use bowlers bro 2 stars sucks

  9. I think i might just start a clash channel, you guys lost your desire because you bought all your upgrades…. if you had put time like we normal people do… well its still interesting.

  10. They obviously need to just stop caring about $$$, the updates need to be on a wider variety of town halls and I have an unnececery but fun one for the games 5th anniversary make a special week at which obstacles from all those years spawn at our bases and maybe even less training time or -50% training cost of ALL troops (thats just my opinion)

  11. nooooooo say its not so cam. but i understand because supercell has put things up so high in cost its not fun any more. i cant beat a lot of bases because they are all maxed out. i have a hard time farming too clash really is starting to suck big time. we hope to see more vidoes from you in the future. thx cam you have been great and so funny.

  12. I guess I still love clash of clans because it's still new to me I am only a th8 but I am a beast I wish I was like cambro one day??

  13. ahhh like one million subs like to watch his clash of clans videos…???

  14. I played this game for two years. When they introduced the poison spell I then said this is the beginning to the death of this game. Then they introduced the new shield system. Erased dead bases and that was the final nail in the coffin. They tried to force people into paying but what they actually did was opened up the delete app button. Instead of introducing more troops and higher defenses they need to fix what they fucked up. Just admit they fucked up and bring back farming. Not all of us have time to play all day. The shield system is garbage. The game is trash now.

  15. Cam: gets 1 mil subs from clash of clans

    "Let's break off into other games!"

  16. Start a new free to play account cam and it won't be so boring

  17. u made me mad make a new base

  18. I know this is getting boring but you can find ways around, had to unsub because the channel is going to shit now


  20. I hate it ,when ppl talking nonsense about coc…so stfu..?….unsubscribed!!

  21. hey we all love Cam lets all join the clan called DESTROYERS with #ROJGR9JJ and lets create a new community of Cam love u all pls join

  22. I miss when cam would do CoC all the time… now General Tony is the best..

  23. No!keep playing coc cam!dont give up

  24. This is why you don't base a channel off a one time game that won't have any sequels or could go stale at any moment.

  25. make a second fucking channel dumbass and upload coc I really liked his coc videos but now he probably put a dick up his and he lost his mind…fucking hell…..

  26. do someone have this base for th9 please ?

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