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The Gem Box is back!

The Gem Box is back!!! They’re rare, so make sure to keep an eye out for them! When you see a Gem Box, remember to collect it, because you can only have 1 in your village 


Check this out chief!


UPDATE TODAY! Find out what’s beyond your shores when we come back from maintenance!

March 2017 Balancing Update

The Clash of Clans team approaches game balance by looking at attack stats and playtesting …


  1. Huhu got more than 40 gem boxes huhu luckiest player in the clan playing since February this year th9 huhu come n join up NEWERTH CLAN

  2. I get gem boxes all the time, I think it’s totalled up to like 16 or something now

  3. i have collected 5 gem box im playing almost 2 months… im lucky enough to get 2 gem box in a week…

  4. if you are the new player it will come upto twice a week.. but if you allready town hall 4 it will come once a week..

  5. Can gems box expired..?

  6. The trick is to buy gems. Before you purchase gems remove it n once you purchase you’ll get a 250 gems available gem box

  7. I have been playing for a few months now and i hav had atleast 20 gem boxes on average u shud receive 1 every 2 weeks they always give you 25 gems at a time save these gems up. You can also get gems for completing challenges the trick is to save up and buy builders so u can upgrade anything when ever u can… The more builders the quicker u can upgrade ur village.

  8. Is it possible to have two gem boxes in your yard at once. I got one in far left corner and would like to keep it as yard art. But I do not want to stop receiving gem boxes to mine.

  9. Ive lost my gembox in my village..accidentally remove…pls someone can tell me how do i have again? Thanks.

  10. The cleaner your village is chances are u will get one once a week. Remove trunks mushrooms bushes and have most of your city clean.Then the gem box will appear happily. I’ve been playing for a week in a half and have already gotten 2 boxes.

  11. I’ve seriously gotten like 6 boxes in the past few months and I’m not even lying they are common in my village. Idk why I get them but I DO buy gems here and there.

  12. I have got 8 already

  13. i got one, then i went sleep, and wake up with another jaja
    long time ago…

  14. ayeeee beetches

  15. how rare is it

  16. Hi,

    I haven’t got a gem box at all. Very few do. Anyone know how to get one please please please reply.


    • Buy a lottery ticket. Check to see if it’s worth an appreciable amount of money. If so, take it to Supercell’s office WITHOUT CASHING IT. They’ll program a gem box into your village for you. Hope this helps 🙂

    • It must just appear because I only just collected my first one not only 2 minutes ago. So I looked for a forum. So it could just turn up if you’re lucky.

  17. Does it mean I will get new one when I collect current one? Thanks for answer. 🙂

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