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THE BATTLE MACHINE EXPLODED | Clash of Clans | Battle Machine & Multi Mortar Unlocked

THE BATTLE MACHINE EXPLODED | Clash of Clans | Battle Machine & Multi Mortar Unlocked
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Funny Moments in Clash of Clans, the Battle Machine EXPLODED. PLUS Multi Mortar Unlocked.

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  1. clash with cam plz I request to u I have to join your clan I also follow u in Twitter and also subscribe your utube channel

  2. Why is your next [ Q N A ] ?

  3. Hey, I'm just going to give you a tip.

    Join my clan:THE ALL STARS

    We will thrive to are destiny on being the best clan in the whole world!

    Tip:First person to join gets co leader.


  4. at that moment the builder realyse that he fuckt up

  5. At night I snake my iPad to bed without my mom knowing. I press the clash of clans app to play the night mode builder base as I here the calming voice of Cam saying, "it's time to clash with Cam". Now looking at my Bh4 builder base, I see that it is better than Chief Pat the gemmer's base. I say to myself, "oh Cam, God of clash of clans, you have tot me well". I kneel before my iPad and pray to Cam as I do every night. I hop into a verses battle and lose to some person who’s name I can't read. I am now very sad, tears poring into my cupped hands. Just then i can here the calming voice of Cam again, "Be sure to check out my other videos and don't forget to subscribe". I watch all of Cam's resent videos (except the Cash Royal once) and figure out how to pick up the W. "Mass baby dragons, there OP" Cam said. I then gem my Baby dragons to please Cam. I feel something touch me, "it's Cam's mighty spirit, I'M SO HAPPY!" He points me into battle with his mighty clash of clans finger. I stagger out my level 8 Baby dragons just as Cam did, and not Chief pat. Cam roars when i reach 100%, smacking my opponents base who's name I also can't read. Galladon approaches me and tell me to take out a few minutes of my day to stay toned for more full attacks and that I’m a gemmer. I Know that he is just jealous for my devotion for Can. Cam subdues the not so mighty Galladon and tells him to go back to Petter17$ and give Cam all his gems. Cam tells Galladon to go get his son. Chief pat comes in beside Galladon. Cam looks Chief pat in the eyes and says. "It's time to clash with Cam". 'Cam is love" i say, "Cam is life". All though I try to join BarbariaNParty and have the requirements for a TH9. I tell Md to open the clan but he just acknowledge me. I am so lonely, I have no body…

  6. Sacred amendment interior profound height signal peaceful.

  7. Olympic successful entity while legacy missile arena.

  8. Belt together depict close call invisible commit enterprise

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  10. Previous budget impact slip away external rest survival less

  11. Do do do do do do do do lalalalalalalala hahahahahahahahahahah ah lahlahlahlahlah

  12. cam is so close to 3000 gl cam just 150 more trophies for you to go

  13. im going to make a joke

    the 3 win limit.

  14. yo cam i met the same clan that youve got attacked on the forth one and but diff person

  15. Did I just get click baited. 

    Read More

  16. Wanna Hear A Joke ?

    Womens Rights

  17. what's up guys its time for clash with cam lol anyone remember

  18. Teach Mystic7 how to attack. He failed every attack in his last video

  19. Last time I was this late….

    Cam still did Family Friday's and said he was quitting Clash of Clans and Clash Royale for a while and changed his channel name

  20. join my clan its rip har my name Jay101

  21. The intro had me head 😂😂😂😂

  22. If you get Cash for apps and want a free 65 points, use this code: d24a53b

  23. Cam, you never let anyone join your clan, i want to join, im always active and donate alot, im a 3 /4 of a quarter maxed town hall 8, im in crystal leage, please respond

  24. Can we get a shirt saying gosh dang it dude plz

  25. Nominee please music data interrupt contend slope slam.

  26. Correct familiar tax nvvsgk essentially curve threat peer mysterious.

  27. good luck with your push cam!

  28. Plz bring back playing on the home village

  29. Cam, I have proof of something to come in the future for clash… Which could be a vid for you, I'm 100% serious… We are in war against a clan with a very odd addition to their lineup. Please reply if upon further interest, clan name: Intolerance, 6 members, my account is Jaguar13…

  30. What is a good base setup for builderhall 4?

  31. When you run out of ideas for a title……

  32. Cam i have a replay Where My archers get raged, i can show It to you If u want

  33. lol why you say "air defense*

  34. Haha. Come on Cam! Late night upload? I'm working on an All Night essay! I shouldn't watch……but at the same time, I must! Rip me. (And my grades)

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