Home » Video's » THE 99% 1 STAR GLITCH.. HOW? | Clash of Clans | Funny Fail Glitch

THE 99% 1 STAR GLITCH.. HOW? | Clash of Clans | Funny Fail Glitch

THE 99% 1 STAR GLITCH.. HOW? | Clash of Clans | Funny Fail Glitch
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The 99% 1 Star glitch in Clash of Clans. I 3 starred a base but it showed the spectators I got a 99% 1 Star…

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  1. Its bcuz when u get 50% u get 1 star.Then after u need to take out the th then the rest

  2. Does anyone know any good th9 war attacks?

  3. How long do we have to put the friendly wars?

  4. @CamaroBro Cam the type of guy to get a 99% 1 star on purpose

  5. (New Clan)
    (ClanCycPie™) Recurting members Th6/7+ join up fast

  6. Hey cam why don't you add intro In your videos?

  7. Where's the old intro 😣only OG'S know wat I'm talking about

  8. Yes this is happened with me so many times

  9. Daily often accuracy top suddenly react disagree twice promising.

  10. Nice helmet. I always were mine when I play video games.

    We need members but we will reach the point where we will be awesome…RULES: NO CUSSING, USE BOTH ATTACKS, BE RESPECTFUL, DONATIONS = 30 TROOPS PER WEEK!!


  12. Hey guys I have no subscribers. Please help me to gain subscribers. I will post gaming videos for you all😇😇

  13. Fix the REVENGE Button!!!

  14. “Town hall 3 or something i dont evn know”

  15. Its because even if you get the entire base down except for the TH it will be like 99% one star. Two star for TH and three star for the entire base.

  16. What was the clip at the start for? Basically click bait so we stay and watch when it’s not even relevant. Dislike

  17. 99% 1 star is possible, if you kill everything exsept the town hall, you get a 99% 1 star

  18. I had the 99% 1 star glitch lots of times

  19. Bro please tell me how did u get the (run!!!!) Music

  20. Look At his Warden In his 2 Attack In war WARDEN IS AWESOME

  21. You won’t beat my base it maxed out town hall 11 my name is anu Vista my base pls

  22. Dude I wanna join ur clan pls make it happen somehow pls

  23. You get the one star from the %50 and the th is the last building so you only get one star %99 percent, I’m not even going to watch your video

  24. I literally just watch ur vids for the intro XD

  25. What screen recorder did you use??

  26. Who saw number 8 three starred then zero starred

  27. The thumbnail scared me my name for clash is Ashley00h

  28. Number 8 got un three starred

  29. cam pls reply what is the song in the intro

  30. Happened to me too the 99% 1 star i almost rage quit

  31. That balloon giant actually happened to me 😢

  32. I havent watched your vids for a while, I love the intros, but is it really a glitch 99% 1 star if the first one comes from 50%an the second comes from town hall, 3rd comes from 100% that means that if the last building that stands is town hall, then you can get 99% one star, since the only place you got a star from is 50%

  33. “What is that a townhall 3 or something”

  34. 12.25 what is that town hall 3:me boyyyyyy

  35. Anyone else ever have hard time with war match up, I get match up with a lvl 10 clan max town hall 9 and so and my clan only lvl 4 with 9.5 town halls

  36. Cam is the type of guy to brew that many jump spells for an army of hog riders in coc

  37. It’s obviously not a glitch ur just missing th

  38. cam sorry bud it's not a glitch it just means you took out everything but the town hall

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