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TH11 Triples Ep.2! 3 Star Attack Strategies | Clash of Clans

TH11 Triples Ep.2! 3 Star Attack Strategies | Clash of Clans
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TH11 3 Star War Attacks in Clash of Clans. Strategy features LavaLoon attacks, Bowlers and Witches. A GoLaLoon raid opens todays TH11 Triples CoC video, followed by Mass Bowler, Bowler and Witch, and Quatro LavaLoon attacks. Town Hall 11 is a difficult level to 3 Star at present but these are just a few examples from recent wars taking out max base layouts. The previous episode focused on the BoWiVa attack strategy so I did not feature it in today’s episode and tried to show a few different strategies. The replays are from late 2016 and balance changes in new updates could affect the effectiveness of a strategy. With that said I hope you enjoyed these TH11 3 Star Attacks, Clash On!

TH11 Triples Ep.1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOSHgrEea9s

How To BoWiVa – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOZqyIu9Q2E


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  1. first lord B from NON PLUS ULTRA clan coc

  2. The heroes are at max lvl. I love the strats but does the strat work on lower heroes?

  3. sir can you tell me a good base to save dark at th9 ?

  4. We need more th10 content. Don't forget about us stuck in the middle!

  5. Nice video! Those attacks are amazing…. you get amazing attackers in these videos! Nj!

  6. hey great work as always Judo!

  7. hey great work as always Judo!

  8. Why does the presenter keep saying them instead of these and infernal instead of inferno?


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