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TH10 vs TH11 PRO TIPS & ATTACK STRATEGY! Clash of Clans Dragon and Bowler Attacks with Bilbo Dragons

TH10 vs TH11 PRO TIPS & ATTACK STRATEGY! Clash of Clans Dragon and Bowler Attacks with Bilbo Dragons
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Clash of Clans TH10 vs TH11 Pro Tips with Bilbo Dragons! Clash of Clans Attack Strategy with Bowler Valkyrie and Dragon Attacks. CoC Wars are often determined by TH10 vs TH11 2 Star Attacks and TH11 vs TH10 ‘dip’ 3 Star Attacks. Today we are joined by one of Red Elites most consistent Town Hall 10 Attackers, Bilbo Dragons. In this Pro Tip style video, Bilbo talks us through why he chose his army for the base design and teaches how to perform both attack strategies. As you will see customisation to the base layout is key and is one of the main reasons Bilbo pulls off some of the best attacks in war. Gameplay was recorded in October 2017 and new update or balance changes may affect troop or strategy effectiveness. Any further questions on the TH10 vs TH11 attack strategy please feel free to comment below. Clash On!


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  1. Jundo slot do you help me to make my clan lvl 4 to lvl 8 only please so came my clan , my clan tag is #U0CPUCPY

  2. Nice idea to explain the attack from the attacker himself really helped understanding the whole thing nice video

  3. Yo bro your voice so nice..bro……..

  4. Hello, This is FRØG from enemy clan. Rising Asylum. Best of Luck🤩.Cheers

  5. with all do respect bilbo made a big error on that 2nd attack if he came in from 9 oclock with his valks he takes way more percent because of the ground xbow at the bottom. after using his hasted loons on the 2 ATs at six a baby drag would have taken that whole side with no air coverage on that side other than the little AT that has a smaller range. so i believe if he inverts this attack to QW from 6 to 9 he might get 5-10 more %. plus we now know his valks dont hit all those GBs that were down at the bottom. just my opinion but seems like a pretty bad scout from an obviuosly great attacker that i have seen on this channel before

  6. Even th11 vs th11 may be 2 but a th10 vs th11 2stars are unbelievable

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