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How to avoid War Mismatch

Getting matched to Clans which are much stronger than your own Clan is very awkward. We all don’t want lose the win streak we have been working on for months, don’t want to see your TH9 villages get ripped by …

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Game Tips

Offensive Tips The maximum amount of resources you can raid during multiplayer battles are 50% of resources stored in the gold/elixir collectors, 75% of Dark Elixir stored in Dark Elixir Drills, 4-6% (depending on the opponent’s Town Hall level) of …

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10 Cool ways to use the Grand Warden

The GW can snipe off both a BK and an AQ. If the BK/AQ is on the outside, the GW will snipe them off without ever drawing aggro. They will get the “?” over their head, but will just sit …

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