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How to Upgrade Walls Fast

You have three options: To keep all your builders working and use the excess Gold and Elixir that you have remaining, onto walls. To keep all your builders working except one idle for upgrading walls. To ignore all other upgrades …

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Townhall 8 attack guide and strategy

Finding a good LONG LASTING army or attack strategy in Clash of Clans Can be Hard. I have been a Town hall 8 for Maybe one and half years. I do not Gem,nor rush. My Barracks,Dark barracks,Spell Factory, and Army Camps are maxed out. …

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7 Opening Steps to Attack Any Base

How to start attacking any base in Clash of Clans Note: If you are using level 2+ Golemn and using Wizards/Witches/Valkyries at the end of the attack or you are a Town Hall 8 using Dragon attacks, you can skip …

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How to use the Earthquake Spell

Usually the biggest support for this argument is that in order to break Walls you need to expend 4 Earthquake Spells, whereas you can use 2 Jump Spells with the same number of slots or a Jump Spell combined with …

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GoLaLoon Attack Strategy

GoLaLoon Army Composition 3x 17x 3x 1x 3x   1x 2x 1x Clan Castle: 3 Archers will be used for cleaning all outside buildings at the end of the attack easier. The Golems are used as tankers (of course) for …

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8 Best Army Compositions for farming at Master

Master leagues are known as the best places for farming Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans. I have been at Master leagues for quite a long and using plenty of different farming strategies, both air and ground. After months, I …

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