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Builder Hall level 7 is here!

In this newest update for the Builder Base, we are introducing a bevy of upgrades including two units: the Giant Cannon defense and the Drop Ship air unit. We’re also increasing the Versus Battle Rewards to 4000 trophies! Here’s what you can expect to …

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Spring Trap

This bouncy little number will toss unwanted visitors right off your property! Level 1 & 2 Level 3 & 4 Level 5 ​Causes instant death to the first group of enemies that step on it, bouncing up to 15 housing …

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Giant Bomb

When you’re looking for a Big Boom, you need the Giant Bomb. Level 1 & 2 Level 3 & 4 Explodes when an enemy comes into proximity. Essentially a much more powerful (and expensive) version of the Bomb. This creates …

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“The might of the dragons are known throughout the land. This scaly terror of the skies feels no mercy and nothing will escape the fiery splashes of his breath.” Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level …

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