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Strategy Guides/Gold Raiding for Dummies

Strategy Guides/Gold Raiding for Dummies
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What is Gold raiding?

It is using raiding to take in large amounts of gold at a time. For example, a typical Gold raid might look like this:

Troops Used Number of troops Cost(Elixir) Loot Gained(Gold)
Wall Breaker 5 Lvl. 2 7,500 30(Splash Dmg)
Archers 55 Lvl. 3 6,600 10,000
Goblins 30 Lvl. 3 1,800 150,000
Giants 8 Lvl. 2 8,000 0

Cool, huh? You gain 160,030 gold. And also the elixir, too.

The whole cost: 23,900 Elixir. If you add the Lvl. 3 lightning spell, it will be 41,900 Elixir

Useful for saving up for that ole town hall upgrade. Look at the prices!


Put 2 giants on every side of the base, then spam your wall breakers. Lightning spell the mortar, then deploy some goblins. Spread archers out along

the base, deploy the rest of your goblins, and wait. After the mortar and wizard tower are destroyed, spam all of your archers. This should get you a 40% or a one star.

Target Bases

You want to target bases that:

  • Have over 80,000 gold (duh)
  • Are pretty weak
  • Are not farming

Tip: You should see those extreme trophy-chasers. Their storages are unprotected!!


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