Home » Video's » SPEED GEM TO MAX!! | LEVEL 1 – 5 BUILDER HALL!! | Clash of clans

SPEED GEM TO MAX!! | LEVEL 1 – 5 BUILDER HALL!! | Clash of clans

SPEED GEM TO MAX!! | LEVEL 1 – 5 BUILDER HALL!! | Clash of clans
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clash of clans builder hall gem speed build!! join me and upgrade the builder hall to max!!

TOP 5 or FAILTAGE Submissions! Godsongaming@gmail.com

2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Godsonftw


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  1. This update is money grab🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  2. What does it do for my level 10 base?

  3. ความคิดสร้างความสุขกับชีวิตประจำเดือนธันวาคมเวลานานกว่าหนึ่งพันคอลายอิตาลีตายแล้วเกิดอารมณ์ดีตลอดมาไม่เคยได้เห็นกันอย่างมีนัยหนึ่งในชีวิตจริงยิ่งขึ้นโดยไม่ได้เป็นการทำให้คุณมีคำสั่งให้พวกมันไม่

  4. you are so fucking annoying if I ever see you on the street I'm going to punch you in your fucking fat mouth.. quit trying to sound cool cause it ain't working

  5. i have not played in i long time but its way cooler now

  6. the clickbait was unreal lol

  7. how we cost on 0.99 to 80gems

  8. godson you seem like the type of dude to jerk of to clash porn

  9. Stop ur shit talking, and make it fast

  10. Tas hile elmas bedava almak

  11. They should make healers only heal for so long then go away.

  12. hi godson i love your channel and you are the inspiration for me to begin a new channel with CR content. love from holland!

  13. GENERAL TONY , I will send you some clash of clans hidden secrets by
    making a video . Will you upload it in your channel ? One of the secrets
    is that there are 2 leaders in a clan (clan code=#2888C0P) . If you had
    already known that then another unknown secret is that in a clan there
    are 47 players with town hall 7 and all are in titan or champion league
    (clan code=#8PLG0PLY) . I have lots more secrets like that . Please
    comment on my channel as soon as possible and I will make that video and
    send you along with other secrets . Please help to promote my channel .
    I promise you to send amazing unique videos of clash of clans . You can
    upload in your own version in your channel .

  14. I keep trying to play clash of clans, but this loot limit keeps kicking my ass

  15. stop gemming and play a fair game

  16. Godson how did you get misplay

  17. godson ill subscribe to your Chanel if you give me $4 in my coc account

  18. is loot limit is a good update or not its good on my opinion whats your?

  19. What happened to the old godson, the ayyye it's GODSON, godson, the yarrr goblin, godson, bring him back

  20. can you give me your coc hachtag
    I want you to vist

  21. hey buddy, can you plz tell me the songs name plz?

  22. why you whispering godson?

  23. what is the name of the background song??

  24. what is the name of the first song??

  25. I'm really digging the loot cap…

  26. How do you get so little views and 2 million subs I remember like 2 years ago and you were so popular what happened

  27. i like the update but only one builder is bs

  28. I haven't watched you in around 1 year and a half because I quit clash and your voice sounds so different wtf not the funny godson I remember

  29. Click bait Builder Hall 2-5 no 1-5 dislike…
    😀 No Good video good luck 🙂

  30. This video could have been 5 minutes long but ur greedy ass wanted dat money

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