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Smash ANY Base with this EASY Attack in Clash of Clans!

Smash ANY Base with this EASY Attack in Clash of Clans!
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Smash ANY Base in Clash of Clans! I seriously have not found a base that stands up to this attack- and it’s EASY to pull off! Not always a three star strategy in Clan Wars (although certainly against the right bases)- it will grab HIGH percentage damage against any Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans!

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Clash of Clans ‘300IQ’ Series: https://bit.ly/2IXPjuk
Clash of Clans UPDATES: https://bit.ly/2Y5Jnpt
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Special thanks to my TOP tier Patreon supporters Zekeofthefalls and Adam S.!

Music: Licensed through Instrumental Core / Really Slow Motion


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  1. Make a gandalf Warden … when u pop to ability shout out i shall pass xD

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  3. Hey galadon just wanted to say thx for the yolo…..lol been using it and its a great attack. I have been 3 starring. Thx for the videos and keep it up love your content!!!!

  4. Not true galadon your a god. I do this attack all the troops do are wander around the base and get picked off. Props dude I gotta go back to bowi

  5. Any advice for Townhall 9 attack strategies?

  6. clash of clans…..
    the good ol' days

  7. Wow this is literally a big version of what happened when I decided that my th9 needed a queen walk, 4 pekkas and as many wizards as possible. Sometimes I go from the middle though and let her work to a corner.

  8. Anyone want to trade accounts am a maxed th9

  9. Out of all the comments you found mine

    Here, have a cookie 🍪

  10. For the 1% who see this I hope you have an amazing day 🤩🤗

  11. does this strat work with th11 or only th12 for pushing to legend

  12. I didn’t know that we can switch the sieges ! How do we do that ? I never see a slammer when i click on the siege.

  13. gal will you make a dud base and join my base to give me advice?

  14. Hi i beat you today 100-70 in builder hall

  15. Simple and powerfull attack. I tried this attack and gave me great results. Thanx galadon

  16. Interesting how we have come full circle to a degree. Everything used to be multi infernos then the inferno nerf vs. healers ushered in single infernos. That led to mass troop attacks like queen walk, pekka, bowler. Ring bases came along to combat that so island bases sprang up. The bat spell marked a big evolution and meta change and crushed the single infernos. To combat bats we are back to multi infernos, ring bases which leads back to queen walk pekka bowler. It is actually my all time favorite attack and it was huge a couple years ago. I just wonder if we are progressing? And really, laloon has been dominant throughout all meta changes. It is just hard enough to scare away the casual gamer.

  17. Oh man! This is the best advice about Queen walk. I loved these raids. Gonna follow this strategy from now on. Thank you very much

  18. How do you get your troops to display like when Galadon was attacking where the army was double stacked?

  19. Ever noticed how you run out of time on not a max bases on th 12 with a queen charge with hogs And you have give them plenty of time to there work do the math you are getting rip off there is double stranded in this game in lower leagues

  20. And not to mention you spend few hundred dollars on upgrade on your weapons on your base you wipe your back side with it you get more value for money not to mention the king and queen now how some people are getting the same results with low heroes do the same attack with Very high heroes and get bugger all percentage difference what is telling me about the game now it’s rigged

  21. Is galadon the dad of chief pat?

  22. You must be blessed as I can’t 3 star any base using that strat and I’ve been trying for 2 days 😩
    How long do you keep trying to make it work ?

  23. Thanks. I've got no ground game and I've been starting to use this to practice but it's expensive in DE.
    Is there something similar but using miners ?

  24. Easy attack. Just do these 40 things perfectly, and keep these other 40 things in mind 😂😂😂
    It’s a good attack, but please don’t say it’s easier than E Drags. You drops them, the loons, then rage. Manage the Warden. Done. This attack isn’t easy and can fail very easily.

  25. Your videos should be illegal, my noob a.. just got 3 stars with this in legend😈😈😅

  26. Hey Galadon.. Did you leave the LP fam?

  27. I have 70 successful defences this season in Legend league so far. I am really interested how your layout works against my base…

  28. If a man lives by the philosophy of happy wife happy life that's one sorry man cuz he's not happy at all…..lol

  29. Please add additional instructions for ring bases? That one was not helpful. Thanks.

  30. Serious question. What’s YOLO – you only live once – but why call it that ?

  31. I do this attack with bats and wreck

  32. Thanks Galadon used it twice got both 100% destructed

  33. Nice tactics, to bad the game really isn't about skills anymore after the update tho 🙄

  34. Couple high 2 stars, then the 3s started to come in… my new war Army this will be Yoda's voice switched up the army a little to facilitate giants for the running event, still 3 stars and 40 trophies… You and Itzu broke TH12 😭

  35. Love this video. More like this, please.

  36. Thanks you galadon, cuz of your created strategy I got 6 stars in our clan war, thanks for staying loyal to the game and helping those not too smart clashers like me…

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