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Skeleton Trap

Skeleton Trap
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“Ambush and distract unsuspecting foes with a surprise skirmish of short-lived, but sneaky skeleton troops! Skeleton Traps can be configured to pursue ground or air troops”
Skeleton Trap 1-Ground Skeleton Trap 3-Ground
Level 1 & 2 Level 3


  • Skeleton Traps are structures that remain hidden until they are activated by an attacking troop moving into their trigger radius.
  • Once triggered, the coffin rises from the ground and multiple Skeletons appear in the area around the coffin to attack nearby troops depending on whether it is set for ground or air troops.
  • They can be configured to attack either ground troops or air troops.
  • They will remain invisible if set to ground and an air troop passes over (and vice versa).
  • The number of Skeletons released depends on the level of the Skeleton Trap.
  • The Skeletons released have a small skull icon next to them to signify they came from a Skeleton Trap (as opposed to being summoned by a Witch), similar to the icon displayed next to Clan Castletroops. The reason behind this is because they play an equal role to the Skeletons summoned by a defending Witch in the Clan Castle.
  • The Skeletons from the trap have the exact same stats as the Skeletons summoned by the Witch
  • Skeleton Traps set to defend against air troops have wings instead of a skull on the face of the coffin. Skeletons that arise from being triggered while set to defend against air troops float through the air with with the aid of two small red balloons, the same balloons as those on the Air Bomb.
  • Skeleton Traps were added in the 2014 October 22 Halloween update, but are a permanent addition that will remain available after the holiday has passed, unlike in previous years.


  • Initially, Skeleton Traps are a light shade of brown and has a skull or pair of wings on the face of the coffin. It is boarded up, indicating that the skeletons were possibly once people.
  • At level 3, the Skeleton Trap is a darker shade of brown and has five brass studs on the face of the coffin. A short, dark brown board connects the coffin together at the top.


  • After deploying, the coffin quickly disappears. Scorch marks on the ground where the Skeletons clawed up through the ground disappear a short time later.
  • Skeleton traps are currently the only traps that can target ground or air troops.
  • Skeletons deployed appear to be identical to the Skeletons the Witch summons, except when they are in Air Mode, which gives them 2 balloons attached to their necks.
  • You can tell if they are the Skeleton Trap’s Skeletons because they have a skull next to their health bar, and unlike theSkeletons summoned by the Witch, their health bar is permanent.


Icon Info Pressing this icon displays information about the Skeleton Trap such as Level, Spawned units, Re-arm cost, Trigger Radius, Favorite Target and Targets.
Icon Upgrade Pressing this icon upgrades the Skeleton Trap to the next level if you have enough resources and a free Builder. This icon is not shown when the Skeleton Trap is at maximum level.
Icon FinishNow Pressing this icon finishes an upgrade currently in progress by paying the displayed number of Gems. This icon is only displayed while an upgrade is in progress.
Icon Cancel Pressing this icon cancels the upgrade currently in progress. This icon is only displayed while an upgrade is in progress.
Icon Ground Pressing this icon switches the Skeleton Trap attack mode to attack air units. This icon is only displayed while the Skeleton Trap is in Ground mode.
Cocairicon Pressing this icon switches the Skeleton Trap attack mode to attack ground units. This icon is only displayed while the Skeleton Trap is in Air mode.
Icon ReArm Pressing this icon re-arms the Skeleton Trap. This icon is only displayed after your Skeleton Trap has triggered during an enemy attack.
Icon ReArmAll Pressing this icon re-arms all Traps. This icon is only displayed when some or all of your Traps have been triggered in a previous enemy attack.

Town Hall Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Number Available 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 3




Level Spawned Units Cost Gold Re-Arm Cost Gold Build Time Experience Gained XP Town Hall Level Required
1 2 6,000 6,000 Instant 0 8
2 3 600,000 8,000 6 hours 146 8
3 4 1,300,000 10,000 1 day 293 9


Trigger Radius Unit Type Targeted Favorite Target
5 tiles Ground None
5 tiles Air None

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