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Skeleton Spell

Skeleton Spell
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“Summon an army of Skeletons anywhere on the battlefield! Put a few extra swords when and where you need them most. Skeletons do not trigger traps.”


  • The Skeleton Spell is a Dark Spell unlocked when the Dark Spell Factory is upgraded to level 4, which requires Town Hall level 9.
  • When used, it spawns several Skeletons on the battlefield. These Skeletons are very weak, but can provide a good distraction.
  • Like Skeletons summoned by Witches, they do not trigger traps.


  • In Valkyrie raids, it’s pretty common to have at least 1 compartment at the end with defenses inside that could take down your troops! Once those defenses are distracted by your troops, drop your Skeleton Spell right on top of them.
  • In Balloon raids, If your Balloons usually get clump up and your Lava Hounds don’t get bursted, it will take a lot of time to finish off non-defensive buildings. Skeleton Army will help you!
  • In GoHo attacks, you usually face a pack of Skeleton Trap Skeletons following your Hog Riders. Dropping a pack of Skeletons to fight off their defensive brethren would be great in this situation! Just wait until your Hogs run into a Healing Spell then drop your Skeleton Spell!
  • Skeleton spells could be very effective against single target Inferno Towers. What’s better than a pack of skeletons to keep that Inferno Tower busy, while other troops finish the Inferno Tower! However, multiple target Inferno Towers will negate this spell very quickly.


  • The Skeleton Spell was added in the May 24th update.
  • The Skeletons spawned by the Skeleton Spell have the same stats as those spawned by Witches and Skeleton Traps.
  • The Skeleton Spell is based on the Skeleton Army in Clash Royale.
Radius Effect Type Housing Space Brewing Time Targets Dark Spell Factory Level Required
tiles Area Splash 1 5 minutes Ground 4


Level Skeletons generated Spell Duration Cost Research Cost Research Time Laboratory Level Required
1 6 110 N/A N/A
2 7 120 50,000 8 days
3 8 130 75,000 10 days
4 10 140 100,000 12 days

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