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Rival Kingdoms | COME JOIN MY KINGDOM | Brand New Mobile Game

Rival Kingdoms | COME JOIN MY KINGDOM | Brand New Mobile Game
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Download for free Click here! http://bit.ly/1H8cyNj

Use these codes for FREE gold:

92BHNBTHC – 1000 gold
ACLASHERS – 1000 gold

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  1. oth games on your channel

  2. Cam nice video and don't worry about these greedy ass haters there just jealous of what your doing

  3. Someone please help I downloaded the game and got charged

  4. I have gotten the game on android but it is called shadow souls first to download it you need to download someting called hola on the play store then change your google country from united states to Phillipines and use a different google account then search up shadow souls and download it. Try it :)

  5. How do I get more ancients? I only have sulric 

  6. Is this ever coming to Android phones and eastern europe

  7. Join the kingdom : Closet Raiders

  8. What is your tweter name

  9. Anyone know the name of his kingdom?

  10. Join CityofGod new strong kingdom 

  11. I like this game. It's awesome. 

  12. Pls make another video on Rival Kingdoms and Give us Your Kingdom name. I don't have a twitter account! Pls Cam

  13. Join 'Lochrin Spa' to help build a new kingdom

  14. Stop fucking with cam

  15. why are yall so mad he plays any other game other then coc? of course he gets paid so what its his life we can't do ANYTHING about it so just stop hating and grow up… JOIN 7 MASTERS IN COC… xD

  16. hey cam don't mind these comments there just jealous

  17. Are u guys stupid don't call cam that shit because he actually like this game and it's fun to play that's why he plays not because he wants more money!!! and if u don't like it just ignore it and move on to next videos that's it!

  18. im not saying that cam is doing this for money…but even if he did..i dn't see whats the big deal!! don't we all need money??? soi dnt think cam is doing anything wrong..

  19. dont tell him what to record he is a good youtuber and clash is gonna die out one day and this is the next one keep up the good work cam and you have the same name as me XD

  20. Cam can I join your kingdom

  21. ONE HUNDRED % Gems trades which I received. May aid others right here! plus.google.com/112793805960125128049/posts/1fTiKeQx8bB

  22. cam u are the best, can u plzz shotout my clan? clan tag:#PJ8Q998J

  23. Where do you type in the codes!

  24. What Da fuq is this


  25. I used to play this game i was at 18 win streaks

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