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QUEEN DESTROYS ENTIRE BASE | Clash of Clans | Longest Ever Queen Walks

QUEEN DESTROYS ENTIRE BASE | Clash of Clans | Longest Ever Queen Walks
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How to do the longest queen walk ever in Clash of Clans. The queen can destroy an entire base by herself!

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  1. why you're taking jump spell and watch your troopes banging the wall without using that jump spell? that's the most stupid thing i had ever seen in coc youtube video

  2. the best days in life last so little make the best day worth it

  3. Hey cam whats your new clan name or any tag??????????

  4. NOOOO the intro wasn't funny😭😭😭

  5. can you tell the co leaders and leader to let lionheart in because I wanna be in your clan

  6. mega unity is a lv 10 war can with a 215 and 38 war record

  7. Plz give us more coc video i hate pokemon go and clash royale i love only coc plz give us more coc vid

  8. just got 94% 1star in cw :)))

  9. Plz play CoC more,not that pokemon go for babys

  10. Dude your clash of clans content is my favorite

  11. What happened to barbarianparty?

  12. i think u can help our clan bro. good base

  13. How do you name your armies!

  14. cam i have lost my account i have removed my coc account accidently from my google account

  15. cam actually sucks at gaming lol

  16. No Raid in the above video that matches the content of the Video Title!! Clashers, BEWARE of what you see…

  17. hey cam!i wanna join u r clan,i am th9 with 18/16 combo,almost maxed troops

  18. plz join 🌟royal boys🌟 level 7 clan really need help plz join

  19. cam I can't join your clan because I don't know the feeder clans. there are so much other clans that say BarbariaNPro or BarbariaNProven. can you please reply to me with the tags? thank you

  20. But……. legend of the last lavapup

  21. Hey guys remember when BarbariaNParty obliterated One Hive with 69? Yes so do I!

  22. i was coming to your clan but they did not accept plz invite me i love ur videos plzzzzzzz you are my favourite youtuber plzz

  23. It should be cam sucks at attacking ( joking haha )

  24. y did you lave BarbarianParty?

  25. umm, I guess the freeze is useless

  26. u didn't even freeze the inferno when the queen nearly died

  27. Cam What do u use to record? Ur screen

  28. do more clash of clans plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  29. I used to use this a while ago, I used 9 baby drags though. I sent in Giants, Wizards, BK, Grand Warden and AQ, then at the end I just sent all the Baby Drags in to get the Town Hall.

  30. You never use all your spells, why????

  31. why don't you go back to BarbariaNParty if not then make me leader so that it may go up

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