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Pokemon Go – Best Items in the Shop – Lucky Egg, Incense, Egg Incubator Tips

Pokemon Go – Best Items in the Shop – Lucky Egg, Incense, Egg Incubator Tips
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The best items in Pokemon Go are the Lucky Egg, Incense and Egg Incubator. Tips on what to buy in the Pokemon Go Shop with Pokecoins in this video guide. I explain why each item is best to buy from the Pokeshop and how you can effectively use them to their best ability. The Lucky Egg is the best item in Pokemon Go! It doubles your XP for 30 minutes. Levelling up will help you get stronger pokemon and progress through the game faster, if you are going to buy any item from the Pokeshop, the lucky egg is what you want to buy and have in your inventory. Incense is another strong item in Pokemon Go. Purchased with poke coins it will attract pokemon to your location for 30 minutes. The Incense secret is to keep moving whilst using it and it will attract pokemon every 1 minute or 200 meters, whereas the Incense only encounters a pokemon every 5 minutes if you are static. The Egg Incubator is also an important item in Pokemon Go. You have an infinite version but you can purchase temporary incubators from the pokeshop. The trick with these is that they increase productivity, meaning you level up fast and can catch stronger pokemon. I hope you enjoyed my guide of the Pokeshop and the best items in Pokemon Go. Share with me your thoughts on the best items in the shop and let me know if you agree that the best are the Lucky Egg, Incense and Egg Incubator.


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The Official Pokemon Website: http://www.pokemon.com/
Pokemon is owned by Nintendo Game Freak. Pokemon Go is being developed by Niantic Labs. This content is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Pokemon Go. It is a fan created video.


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  1. Sorry i got 69% on both attacks thats why i want lvl4 hogs

  2. hey sloth bro I left you a msg but on the wrong video bud I'm sorry but anyways I found a lure module in my items I guess from loving up and this item was so helpful even though alot of small Pokemon spawned I evolved them as soon as I was able to and started lvling up within 20 mins or so of last one because of the lure mod then staying in the pokespot I dropped a incent and started roaming the area of the lure every lvl up i went and the Pokemon started to get very better do points and even evolved Pokemon magma paragraph ect because my lvl was goin up so when I ran out of room I started sending the evolved but still low lvled pokemon to the professor so then I noticed you could buy those now they last all day so I haven't bought one yet but they would make a very useful tool on top of the incent so just a quick tip to try and offer some friendly tips since you always have so many great tips for us I wanted to try and offer what helped me and my sons today were lvl 8 9 and 7 and we started yesterday afternoon I especially found the pidgeys rattat and parcet an crabby so easy to evolve quickly and shoot my points up everytime with this strategy try it out and I'll bet you will be able to perfect any things I may have not caught on to 👍👍 happy hunting judo bro ttyl daddy j

  3. oh so they only last 30 mins so then thier must be alot of ppl dropping modules I'm sorry sloth I didn't catch that the first time we literally were at a pokespot all day with lure mod but I thought they were all day they must be getting dropped one after another by ppl we have a huge crowd at our park lol like I said I didn't know much about lures and i must've blanked out on the spot you talked about them bud sorry ttyl your bud daddy j

  4. lol year I was so tired it was like 4 in the morning when I was on there sorry bud but no I dropped the lure then when I lvled up I would go roam around the area of the pokestop with the lure like around the edges with incent oh man I was so thinking how awesome is a lure until I watched the video a second time 😉 but yes I lvled up so fast evolving the Lill pokes bro sorry for the late night msg we were all happy from catching huge Pokemon

  5. I cant play this game because i dont have data 🙁 i have only play this on my mums phone

  6. Is it worth it to buy 25 lucky eggs and 25 incense?

  7. im level 14 nearly level 15 and not once have i got a 10 k egg :'[

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