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Play Clash of Clans on Mac and PC

Play Clash of Clans on Mac and PC
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We all love Clash of Clans and play it on our Phones and Tablets everywhere – in the parc, waiting for the subway etc – but really everywhere? Do you know that you also can play Clash of Clans on your Macbook and your Windows PC? This is possible and pretty easy and I thought maybe you would like to try this out. Here’s a step-by-step instruction. To make this possible you need to emulate an Android device on you Mac/PC and then have the Google Play Store installed. Best of it you can also connect this to your Accountand always have your gameplay progress up to date.

Let’s get started. First you have to download Ganymotion, a free Android emulator that really runs stable on Mac/PC. Here you can download it, but first of all you have to register with your mailadress for it. After you downloaded the latest version you have to install it.

CLash of Clans on PC 01 1024x770 Play Clash of Clans on Mac and PC

You also will have to install VirtualBox with it in order so simulate Android properly. This sounds like lot of installing, but it isn’t because this is also included within your Genymotion-Installation. After you installed it and started it you will have to login with you data you just picked when creating an Account at Genymotion. Now you are ready to simulate a device you want:

CLash of Clans on PC 02 Play Clash of Clans on Mac and PC

Be carefull and don’t pick some device because you will have to include the Google Play Store which in Genymotion is only possible for Android 4.3.0 devices. After having this added go to the configuration and take care that Base memory is 2048 MB so it will have enough ressources to simulate Clash of Clans. Now you start this device and wait until it is loaded – in the meantime you can download the Google Play Store here (Universal Package 20130813).

After you started you device it should show up and you have to drag-and-drop the just downloaded zip-File with the Google Play Store into the screen – an upload screen will show up:

CLash of Clans on PC 03 Play Clash of Clans on Mac and PCCLash of Clans on PC 05 Play Clash of Clans on Mac and PC CLash of Clans on PC 04 Play Clash of Clans on Mac and PC

There will be couple of warnings etc you just confirm with “OK”. After a reboot you will be able to login with your Google Account and search in the Play Store for Clash of Clans and install it. From here on you should know what to do – after installation you can start it within your emulated device and connect it to your regular device or just start a new account. Have fun!


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  1. Maxwell Vanduser

    Just download bluestacks. So much easier than this… It’s also free

  2. Pier Carlo Cadoppi

    It doesn’t work; the game isn’t compatible with your device…

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