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OverStacking Troops

OverStacking Troops
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Im sure most experienced clashers are more than aware of this already, however for those new to clash of clans I introduce troop stacking Clash of clans is a game thats all about Time Vs Reward. How much time does it take to build? How much time will it take to earn the gold to get the next upgrade? how much time can i commit to raiding. What could i be building instead in that time? and how many resources per raid will i be able to grab with that combination of troops and spells troop stacking is a basic technique that mitigates a little of the time constraints involved in playing clash of clans. When building troops in your barracks and dark barracks, you can Queue up any number of troops, up to the barracks maximum.

Once the capacity of your army camps has been reached then the barracks will continue building the next “troop”, getting it ready for when it has a space. This means when there is a space for it, the troop that had been “stacked” into the queue, will be ready instantly, assuming it had been waiting the required amount of time. Knowing how much time you’ll have between raids is the key to making the most out of “stacking”. During a raid you’ll have the time your raid lasts that troops will be building and therefore its always worth stacking troops whilst raiding. Secondly whenever you idle you should be building, ready for the next time you get to raid. However you should overstack your barracks in order to minimise your build times.

If for example you have a max capacity of 200 troops at your army camps, and you’ll be out for an hour, you could potentially set your barracks to build your 200 troops for the raid, AND each barracks could be building a dragon “overstacked”. Once your back and the instant the space is available those dragons will go into your army camps and thats 80 less troops you need to build for the next raid. You really want the highest build time troops to be your “overstacked” troops to cut out as much time as possible between raids. This generally means that if your only going to get to raid for 15 minutes during lunch, the you can probably get in two full raids rather than just one.

So hopefully useful to any new clashers out there!

Check this out chief!

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