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Offensive Tips

Offensive Tips
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Offensive Tips

  1. The maximum amount of resources you can raid during multiplayer battles are 50% of resources stored in thegold/elixir collectors, 75% of Dark Elixir stored in Dark Elixir Drills, 5% of Dark Elixir stored in Dark Elixir Storage (up to a maximum of 2,000), plus 20% of Gold/Elixir Storage (up to a maximum of 198,000) and 100% of what is stored in the Town Hall. However, the available loot is reduced if the opponent has a Town Hall which is lower than yours, and increased if it is higher. See Loot for a detailed explanation.
  2. During a Raid, you can end the battle without losing Trophies as long as you haven’t deployed Troops or spellsand the button does not say “Surrender”.
  3. You get 1 star for destroying an opponent’s Town Hall. At that point you may claim victory and end the battle with 1 star, or continue battling to earn the remaining 2 stars. You get another star for 50% total damage. You get the third star for destroying everything (walls are not included).
  4. Barracks can produce any Troops while you’re raiding an enemy village. Start production for your next battle before you begin a raid.
  5. Even if your attacking Troops survive the battle, if you actually deployed them to the battlefield, then you will still need to replace them.
  6. You can tell if the X-Bow is set to ground only or air and ground by its elevation. You can also tell if it is full or empty by the presence/lack of a bowstring and Elixir magazine. See X-Bow for images.
  7. You can also tell if the Inferno Tower is operational or not by the presence/lack of a lava pool. See Inferno Tower for images.
  8. Raiding people with high level Town Halls gives you more chance for loot, but gives them the opportunity to “Revenge” attack you later.
  9. The Lightning Spell can be used to take out or weaken a defense or Heroes, or take out Clan Castle troops once they are outside of the castle.
  10. If you are looking for Dark Elixir, you can use a Lightning Spell against the storages and drills.
  11. You can use Goblins to set off any Hidden Teslas, Spring Traps or Bombs in the way. Goblins are the fastesttroop in the game, they can be made very quickly and cost a very minimal amount of Elixir.
  12. You can use a Freeze Spell on a strong defense (i.e. the Inferno Tower) so your weaker units can destroy it and/or pass through.
  13. Beware of people who appear to be farmers by putting their Town Hall outside their walls. If you attack them, they may “Revenge” attack you and steal your resources when you have plenty of them. Be especially watchful of farmers who have Barracks that can train tier 3 troops if your level is lower than theirs (they are more experienced and their buildings are more upgraded)
  14. Do not center a Healing Spell on a moving target. Use it a little in front of the troops that you want to heal. This way you can ensure that the troops will stay inside its radius longer and the Healing Spell would not go to waste. The same goes for Rage and Jump Spells.
  15. When the Healer is not available for training (when your Barracks are upgrading or when you haven’t unlocked it in your Barracks), two Healing Spells work well as a replacement. For example, when your Giants are low on health, you can use a Healing Spell to heal them, and then use a second Healing Spell later when your Giants are weak again.
  16. Lightning Spells are good at destroying certain defenses. For example, if you are attacking with a lot of tier 1 units, 2 Lightning Spells work well in destroying a Mortar. 3 Lightning Spells can also take out an Air Defense, assuming the Lightning Spell’s level is high enough.
  17. Never underestimate an empty spot within an enemy’s base. Traps or Hidden Teslas may be hiding there.
  18. Multiple Level 4+ Lightning Spell can easily take out even the strongest Mortar and Wizard Tower. If a defense has majority of their mortars and Wizard Towers adjacent to each other, use your Lightning spell to take them out. You then have least of worries about area splash damage.

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