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News About the Upcoming Update

From the forums:

Amidst the Town Hall 11 hype, we mentioned at ClashCon that the Clash of Clans Team has been taking a big-picture look at what it means to play Clash. Even if you’re not ready to go to Town Hall 11, the coming update is absolutely packed with quality-of-life changes that aim to improve the way everybody plays Clash of Clans, every single day.

In the upcoming update, on top of the slew of new TH11 content, we will be introducing changes to all of the following areas of the game:
* Shields, including the exciting new “Village Guard” concept
* Session timers and the Personal Break
* Multiplayer matchmaking
* League Bonuses
* High-level Trophy calculations

We realize this update has been a long update in coming, but we are taking the time we need to make sure all of the delicate upcoming changes are as well tested and well balanced as possible. There is also a lot to talk about, so we are going to kick off a 2-week sneak peek schedule starting on the week of November 23rd to get everyone in on the conversation. We want to make sure that we have time to go over everything as we finish up our balancing and testing!

The planned topics are:

Shields – Part I: Attacking and Defending
Shields – Part II: The Village Guard and Personal Breaks
Matchmaking, Trophy Offers and League Bonuses
More Update Sneak Peeks
Town Hall 11 – including a new defense and a new hero!

We are all incredibly excited about the upcoming update and can’t wait to get it into the hands of our players, as soon as we can!

Check this out chief!


UPDATE TODAY! Find out what’s beyond your shores when we come back from maintenance!

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