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Miscellaneous Tips

Miscellaneous Tips
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Miscellaneous Tips

  1. Try to upgrade Defensive Buildings during Shields as they do not defend while upgrading.
  2. It is recommended that you upgrade all your towers and buildings to the maximum level allowed before upgrading your Town Hall.
  3. A good place for the Clan Castle is in the middle of the village. Archers are nice all-purpose Troops to fill it with. Other good troops are Wizards, Dragons, and Minions.
  4. Try to spend, or hide, all your Resources at the end of the day if you don’t have a Shield. That way those whoRaid for Resources will most likely ignore your village.You can “hide” a maximum of 589,200 Elixir in your Barracks when you’re offline. Make sure the Army Campsare completely filled with troops you need the next time you come online. Then train the maximum amount ofDragons (or Wall Breakers if you don’t have Dragons) in the Barracks. When you come back online, you just cancel all these trainees and you get the training costs back! (Three level 4 Dragons, seven level 5 Wall Breakers and one level 6 Archer in each of the four level 10 Barracks = 589,200 Elixir.)
  5. If you wish to remodel your village without using the Village Edit Mode, try to do so when you have a Shield. If for some reason the game crashes, you will get three-starred easily while your village is only halfway finished.
  6. If you see someone who has a high amount of loot, and the loot is a rounded number (92,500 for instance) then their storages are most likely empty and the Resources are all in the Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors.
  7. If you have a lot of resources and your shield is about to run out, stay online or purchase a Shield.
  8. Believe it or not, all a Farmer needs sometimes is a few Wall Breakers and a horde of Goblins for stealing resources.
  9. Abandoned Bases (players who have not played the game for 50 hours) are easily identified by having available loot anywhere from 20,000-450,000 Gold and Elixir each, all builders in their huts sleeping (ZzZ….), no leaguebadge, abundant tombstones, etc. Attack these bases by using Archers to gain easy Gold and Elixir.
  10. Watch out for a high level player with a village that looks weak. Some players will make their base look easy to break into, but they will have Hidden Teslas spread out in the base, which will destroy a weak army.
  11. Make sure you are prepared for all situations during battle. For instance, make sure you have at least sometroops that can target air units, as Minions or a Dragon that may be stored in the Clan Castle .
  12. One way to avoid the Clan Castle troops from ruining your attack is to use a Barbarian or two to “lure” the them to an area where the defences cannot reach, and spam your Barbarians or Archers. This works extremely well when attacking a player whose base is “small” and his/her Clan Castle is easily accessible.
  13. Be wary of the nearby defensive structures like Wizard Towers, Mortars, etc. and the amount of troops you use.
  14. Just before a Troops upgrade is finished, make sure the Army Camp are full and train as many upgrading troops as you can in the Barracks. When the upgrade is finished all the Troops in the Barracks are upgraded as well! You can then sell them with profit.
  15. Leave resource buildings or defense buildings outside your walls that still have a long way to complete upgrading. They will not be productive in any way (except for storages). You can also choose to place Spring Traps around this “bait” for giants or goblins . This way, when the giants target the upgrading defense or when the goblin targets the upgrading resource building, they will be thrown out of the field since the Spring Trap is touching the building and the goblins would stop right on the Spring Trap. It can weaken an opponent’s army or maybe, very unlikely, ruin his attack. Giant Bombs work well here too, and so does all other traps.
  16. Trophy farming: before attacking a person hold next, then release one Goblin and let go of next as fast as you can (may not work).

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