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Master Builder

Master Builder
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  • The Master Builder serves as your builder for the Builder Base.
  • There is only one master builder in the Builder Base. He lives in the Builder Hall instead of Builders’ Huts.
  • He appears in the Builder Base tutorial.
  • The Master Builder will run into the Builder Hall when upgrading something, and along with other villagers, when under attack.
    • He will run into the Town Hall if he is Gearing Up a building in Home Village.
  • Starting at Builder Hall level 4, he can go to your village gear up defenses using the Builder Boat. The ones that can be geared up are Cannon, Archer Tower, and Mortar (the Mortar isn’t available to gear up yet).
    • Cannons need to be level 7 or above to Gear Up, and to gear up you will need at least one Double Cannon to be level 4 or above.
    • Archer Towers need to be level 10 to Gear Up, and to gear up you will need at least one Archer Tower from the Builder Base to be level 6 or above.
    • Mortars need to be level 8 to be Geared Up, and to gear up you will need at least one Multi Mortar to be level (?) or above.
    • Only one of each type of Defensive Building can be geared up.
    • Gearing up doesn’t irreversibly change the Defensive Building. It adds a second mode to the building to switch between, much like the X-Bow and the Inferno Tower. The second mode resembles some attributes of the corresponding Builder Base building. For all these three Defensive Buildings, the second mode increases attack speed at the expense of some range.


  • MasterBuilder BoatOnly upgrade defenses when not attacking as they cannot shoot while being upgraded.
  • Try to upgrade Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines first as it pays off in the long run with extra resources.
  • Only upgrade Walls when you have enough loot to upgrade something else afterwards as they take no time.


  • Broken MasterBuilder boatHe is a slightly overweight man in his late 40’s with peach skin and brown eyebrows and beard.
  • He wears a blue leather cap as well as red and brown overalls with brown shoes.
  • He carries a blueprint and a hammer, similar to those on the Home Village. He occasionally glances at the blueprint while upgrading buildings.
  • He wears a brown belt with yellow buckle.

  • MasterBuilder1The Master Builder is also appears to be the one who controls the Battle Machine.
  • The Master Builder’s favorite building is the Star Laboratory. This is mentioned in the tutorial.
  • The Master Builder often checks plans during construction on a Building, sometimes running into the Builder Hall, presumably to retrieve more plans.
  • On some images like the one in the official clash of clans website, the master builder’s blueprint shows a word which is “Buildings” but some people say that this is read as “Buildnas”.
  • The Builder Boat appears to be broken prior to upgrading the Builder Hall to level 3 but is then rebuilt afterwards, even though the Master Builder does not appear to repair it.
    • Currently it is unknown why the Builder Boat is available to use at Builder Hall level 3 even though the first defense known to be available to be geared up can only be geared up once a Double Cannon is level 4, which requires a level 4 Builder Hall.
  • If a player’s Battle Machine is brought into battle while any building on his/her base is being constructed or upgraded, the Master Builder will be seen working on the building in the base before the opponent deploys a troop. This is strange considering that the Master Builder supposedly controls the Battle Machine as well.
Master Builder
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Master Builder
The Master Builder serves as your builder for the Builder Base. There is only one master builder in the Builder Base. He lives in the Builder Hall instead of Builders' Huts.
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Clash of Clans WIki
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