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Korean Clash Invitational LIVE!

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YouTube: http://supr.cl/KoreanClash
Twitch: http://supr.cl/KoreanClashTW

Stop by the Korean Clash Invitational live stream – being held at Yongsan E-sports Stadium in Seoul, South Korea! Starts 30 minutes after this video is posted. Links below!


Check this out chief!

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  1. When did this ever become an esports thing

  2. :)I'm Korean and my grandparents live in Seoul,South Korea!

  3. Clash con is on my birthday but I'm only 10 going on 11

  4. Been waiting 3 weeks for an actual game play.

  5. Pat imlost my coc ville can you help me?

  6. Do U know where the upload button is?

  7. Do you have a clan named quantums rage, and is your account named Ryan? Lol

  8. hello im a new youtuber and i need a app where it will record my my andriod screen

  9. Pat man post a video man it's been 4 DAYS I mean I know u r in Korea but come on

  10. Thanks for leaving this up 4 days after the event. Really shows what I've missed

  11. Who the fuck still plays this game

  12. this game is not as fun as it use to be
    it needs some more updates

  13. Come on make daily video's

  14. Post this on ur channel

  15. U made it seem like a sport

  16. Galadon wants Pat's D …

  17. WAIT Galado. Is that old!?!!?? I thought he was in his 20s

  18. pat u look like a gay cracker lmao

  19. If a lvl 10 hero dies the defender should get 25 de and lvl 20 gets 50 de and so on and so on

  20. HOLY ** Galadon is a pretty old man i thought he was like 25

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