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I’ve lost my village! Can I get it back?

I’ve lost my village! Can I get it back?
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You need to do this as soon as you can to recover your village. The more time you delay, the hard of recovering will be.

  1. Open Clash of Clans, tap the Settings icon then tap the Help and Feedback.
  2. Tap to the Report an Issue then choose Lost Village.
  3. Enter these information (about your current village and your lost village) in the message for locating your village exactly:

    • Name of your two villages.
    • Name of your Clans.
    • Level of your two villages.
    • Level of your two village’s Town Halls.
  4. Submit it!

Recovering lost CoC Village

After the submitting, it will depend how much information you’ve given to the support to get your Clash of Clans village back. Just keep calm, doing somethings or play other video games in a few days without your village.

If you forget your Google account/password, and your Clash of Clans village has been linked to it, here is the best way to get it back:

  1. Go to the Google Password Assistance page at here.
  2. Choose I‘m having other problems signing in.
  3. Follow all steps and verify your identity.
  4. Fill out the form.

You will get your Google account along with your Clash of Clans village back shortly, maybe just about 2 days.

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  1. I have a nextbook (junk). I had to reset it. Every time I try to sign in to Google+ It crashes so I can’t get my village back. I am the leader of the clan as well. I need to get it back so I can give leadership to someone else. Name: Rumple4skin CLAN: DEATH DYNA$TY TOWN HALL: level 4

  2. I had a level 82, named “Terminator”, town hall level 9 and I am a current member of the clan “Main Recruits”
    I got a new phone and I wasn’t aware that I needed a code to transfer.
    The New village is named “juchrh”, town hall level 2, a level 2, and its not high enough to have a clan
    I am extremely upset over this and I hope that you can help me.
    Thank You

  3. Debiprasad Mondal

    Help me, help me, help me

  4. Debiprasad Mondal

    I have a village of Town Hall Level 6, its been upgraded to level 7, and of exprince level 42.
    It is been sign in with this email only in Google+.
    Email: debiprasadmondal2012@gmail.com
    Now I have lost my village, and cannot get it back. So, kindly please help me to get my my old village.
    last clan I have been is : GHS SWIM.
    Now it has become Sam.Its not mine.
    Please help me.

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