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IS TH12 COMING + TOP 3 UPDATES I’D LIKE TO SEE in Clash of Clans [2018]

IS TH12 COMING + TOP 3 UPDATES I’D LIKE TO SEE in Clash of Clans [2018]
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Is Town Hall 12 coming to Clash of Clans? Today we discuss updates that I would like to see added to CoC. TH12 has largely been speculated but it still isn’t confirmed either way; all we know is that new ‘Town Hall Content’ will be added in 2018. If TH12 were added it would be great to see New Troops and New Defences with this. Either way I think a new troop is warranted and I’d personally like to see the Bandit from Clash Royale. Secondly I would love to see Mega Base Operations added very similar to Boom Beach. This would improve strategy and interaction in your clan if you had to attack a huge base. This could even be tied into Clan Games and Leaderboards. Thirdly I would love to see Friendly Challenges improved so that you did not have to cook an army to attack a base. What are your top ideas for Clash of Clans and which update features do you think are the best? Clash On!

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Elektonomia – Sky High: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW9d8vYrVFQ
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Elektronomia – Energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzNMd3Tu1Zw
Razihel – Love U: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJBxNA8cX-E
Lensko – Cetus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3vrV-WNmsc
Jim Yosef – Arrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LI5QZVUU98
Tobu & Syndec- Dusk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD4ZIzosp_c
Jim Yosef – Eclipse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WP_YLn1D1c


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  1. nice video sir @ my qustion is sir why don't builder base player have any League ? like we have in home village crystal League master League Champion League??? please reply

  2. What is going on guyz

    I love it bro

  3. I wish that the apereance of lvl 12 wall change

  4. i would like the features u told but bandit as a new troop no its not that interesting it should be sparky or electro wiz

  5. Excellent choices judo well id love to get some new troops and the concept of the megabase r awesome ill also love to get a goblin king wiz gnna b a hero which comes with gold NICE VIDEO ONCE AGAIN🙌🙌🙌

  6. Could u send me or make a video ASAP about which buildings nd troops to upgrade when we reach th9…having the aim to max th9 ASAP…league to match for farming… everything

  7. Great Video But Make Video on bronze league 👍

  8. I agree very much so on all fronts judo….especially the mega base operations! The friendly challenge quick cook menu (I'd also add ability to select c.c. troops) and I want to see th12! Great video bro

  9. I was thinking the same for friendly challenges …

  10. Great ideas and suggestions, specially the idea about friendly challenge, I would love to see this one. Nice Judo.

  11. the game needs th12 or it will die i love coc and wil keep playing i think we need a change to wars aswell but im not sure what

  12. I like the idea for fc . There is one thing you left out and I think it is very important and that is war tournaments on main base that to me is number one

  13. As always really Nice videos Judo.. 😊 ❤ Keep up your good work mate. . 😊 Greetings from Sweden. . 😊 ❤

  14. Mega base would be a good idea for builder base wars I've always thought. And if there is a new th12 troop, I think it needs to be at least 35 troop space, so th9 and below attacks don't get any easier than they already are. But I agree the 2 main thing they should implement is the in-game war leagues and also to sort of the troop icons scrolling. They need to make the troops order in the order they're cooked, And then disappear when all of a certain troop is used. This allows players to stick to their attack plans, but without having to scroll!!

  15. Agree with you totally on that mega base operation judo . Super excited if they do that 🙏.

  16. Nice one! ☝️ maybe some new leagues? 😁

  17. 1. Mega Base idea definitely!
    2. War weights still stuck and encourage too much engineering. Fix it! Punish engineered bases by weighting them much heavier.
    3. The Clash Games have been fantastic for building more teamwork and more activity. Keep them going with shorter intervals between.

    Wars are infuriating beyond Clan Level #10. No additional clan perks, and engineered bases are encouraging TH rushing instead of maxing everything. Inferno Towers are punished in war weight, and their damage has been reduced. I'm seeing lots of dead TH#10's, and rushed TH#11's. Seems like TH#12 might not be needed as much as fixing the war weights.

  18. We need very common update ..TH12 😁 and my personal opinion is just bring mega knight and I truly support your last idea about friendly war 👍

  19. Great video. It'd be awesome if the mega base u said to be the "Clan Base". Everyone from the clan donate resources to the clan base, the leader would be able to update the buildings from this base.

  20. Great video. It'd be awesome if the mega base u said to be the "Clan Base". Everyone from the clan donate resources to the clan base, the leader would be able to update the buildings from this base.

  21. We loved having you on the show judo , great video btw 😉❤💪

  22. bandit is one of the great troop on CR arenas

  23. Those are some amazing ideas judo also the tower defense mode out of the box and original it would make my day if super cell decides to take even 1 ides from this video

  24. I would be interested in new goblin quests. The last one doesnt even have X-Bows. Or you could pair that with daily/weekly base challenges, were Supercell releases one base and you have to win against it to get a reward, like the magical items (dont know what theyre called in English). That would be a really abstract base with like 5 Infernos or something. It would just be nice to have something new for the single player things and not make everything clan related.

  25. Actually i also like to see bandit in coc. And also like ur ideas .

  26. If you think about it the Banit is similar to the Miner

  27. Well if u ask me ..I would like to see a new hero like 'Wizard Prince'…I know it sounds odd but just think about it….a hero with new ability to add some extra wizard in attack✌..and oh…u are awesome creator of all time 👍

  28. A ground troop that can defend against air attacks. Currently the wizard is the only ground troop that can be donated for air defense.

  29. Hmm. I really think that the th12 bases will be quite limited. I'm kot sure though. Th11 almost fills the whole base, so th12 with some new buldings would fill it even more and possibly make the base designs limited. If it's coming, we'll se how it goes with that. But we will see, I am not completely sure.

  30. Would have to add 30 seconds to war attacks for th11 and th12

  31. Really enjoyed your clash videos judo, but i am curious with your accent, may i know where are you from??

  32. Judo sloth you are awesome but why your Sub are not increasing?
    I recommend you to do live stream daily..if you can't then you can update your overlay,logo,banner..
    Viewers may LIKE AND ATRACKS

  33. Great video JS. Red Elite…the memories.

    1. Regarding the addition of a new troop, I want to see current troops and game mechanics balanced before new game-breaking things are added.
    2. Long time Boom Beach player. I would love to see Mega Bases added, it would show how your clan works together as a team.
    3. When I do friendly challenges, I try different bases with the same army. It allows me to see how drastically different bases can be crushed by the same army or where I can tweak my placements.

  34. Nice. I'd like to see more troops update! Btw judo, how to sign up for the 50v50 team judo vs team klaus? I am maxed 9

  35. Maybe SC should just let us use our army in queue for FC. Most of us have our farming army in the camps it sucks to build a war army just for FC and waste resources. Also I think moving traps and a limited amount of walls should not reset FC timer. Such a pain. SC built a great tool but it's broken.

  36. I definitely would like to see a new troop. Something cool with mechanics never seen before in coc like an electro dragon electric charges radiates from it while it is moving and attacking so defenses get damaged by its attacks and electrical shocks at the same time and are also affected when it is not attacking it would also stun defenses and cc troops and heroes every few attacks for a short time and it would deal a mega shock on death they could make it have low health or damage or high housing space to balance it

  37. I TOTALLY agree on friendly challenge idea…GOOD ONE Judo👌🏼 ALSO do away with 24 hour wait period to test new base in friendly challenge🍀🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼


  39. What updates would you like to see in 2018?

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