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IM IN A CLASH OF CLANS COMMERCIAL | CamaroBro and his Legendary Lava Pup

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Im in a Clash of Clans Commercial!!! The legend of the last lava pup. Funny CoC Commercial.

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  1. If only I had known who Cam was back when I saw this commercial.

    I would've loved to have just yelled out CAMSUCKSATATTACKING right in the middle of that theater giving no milifucks.

  2. guys how can you spawn a lava pup? when a lava hound dies?

  3. 0:36 0:37 The archers in the archer tower just shot the wizard's butt

  4. plz let me join barbariaNParty.My name in coc is akhilesh leader

  5. Whoa!you are also a star wars fan

  6. i very like you videos,may i join to your clan,its lol

  7. Watch out watch out watch out!! That sounds like your clan mates talking to the lava pup

  8. the lava pups were killed by hidden teslers

  9. I was in the theaters for star wars too and when they said barbarian party I was like omg!!!!!!!!!

  10. I wanna watch the attack,where is it?

  11. you must feel honored

  12. On my God who the hell cares

  13. imagine if he got 99% 1 stat

  14. You were the person in the commercial that makes more sense but I was also in Star Wars when I saw it

  15. can i join your clan im th7 almost maxed and gold 2

  16. What I don't get is how the fck the king can target a lava pup he attacks ground only

  17. that was sooooooo coooooool ??????????

  18. I want to see the real battle but can't find it :'(

  19. Cam's commentary was Soo Cute…

  20. where do i find the real attack?

  21. im glad the laca pup surbived

  22. so cute pup i cried when it was scared and slone

  23. Just be pro lava pup…..just be pro

  24. I promise I was in barbarian party too

  25. "That's my clan! He just said my clan name, Oh my God!" hahaha

  26. Did they even ask for your permission to have that in a ad? And good job!

  27. I really love how cam comments

  28. you dont have clash ena more I joined your clan

  29. You should be really proud of yourself that supercell noticed your AWESOME ATTACK!!! You should make your channel Cam RULES at Gaming

  30. I had a legendary lavapup too

  31. So so so socute I am a boy

  32. wow i didnt know you were the guy in the commercial. ive been for subscribed for only 2 months lol

  33. edits xbow to troll face

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