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How to Shattered GoVaHo 3 Star War Attack Strategy for TH9 | Clash of Clans – With the New Valkyries

How to Shattered GoVaHo 3 Star War Attack Strategy for TH9 | Clash of Clans – With the New Valkyries
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Clash of Clans Shattered GoVaHo 3 Star War Attack Strategy for Town Hall 9! The Shattered GoVaHo attack integrates 2 Golems, with a good number of Valkyries (around 7 to 10), and lots of Hog Riders and Wizards. It is currently one of the best and most popular TH9 3 star attack strategy with the new Valkyries. Watch as I attack two bases live in war as I attempt 3 stars!

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Clash of Clans is a 2012 freemium mobile MMO strategy video game developed and published by Supercell, a video game company based in Helsinki, Finland. The game was released for iOS platforms on August 2, 2012.
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  1. Can you do more lower th content?

  2. hey ash reply if u love clash royale or clans

  3. ash can u make a deck using the bomber tower

  4. 4:37 i Wonder how the golomite got there

  5. These attacks are awesome, but in my opinion, sometimes they are unrealistic since not every th9 is maxed. for example, if i want to use this army composition, maybe the result wont be 3 stars, as my golem is lvl 2, my king is lvl 10 and queen lvl 7. So there should be more videos with lower level heroes and troops.

  6. I really like you videos and I think its the first time I see someone actually put a fail attack, which I think you can still learn from because you can see what you did wrong and improve, very nice video keep it up.

  7. U should really start deploying hogs a bit earlier and keep them a bit thin, don't just send 10 hogs at one place

  8. If you see a hound in an attack or if your cleaning up with govaho and there's a cc hound don't drop your queen, maybe backend walk her or just drop her at the end of the raid for cleanupp

  9. Guys i know you wouldnt read this but i make cool clash royale content, i love ash's videos dont get me wrong.

  10. Hey Ash, When should we use earthquake spell and when should we use jump spell?


  12. Too many valks no longer good since new update. I'd rather carry few more hogs or wiz.

  13. jump spell spring trap OP pls nerf supercell

  14. anyone know what his accent is?

  15. Hey ash do u think it would be better value to take along some max hogs or even max valks rather than taking a max golem in your clan castle? Plz respond

  16. I think that if you are going to use so many valks it might be good to start to lure out the CC, the valks are so fast that you can affort to spend a few seconds getting rid of the cc.

  17. Great to see someone doing a live commentary, lets me see what you're thinking during the attack so helps to learn more.

  18. Make a video about bad matchmaking please! We had a war win streak: 38 wins in the row. After the most recent update we had a war with RevengeWarriors. They had 1 TH11 and 3 TH10 more than us. TH10s had about the same defence as our TH9s but their war troops were completely maxed out. We lost to them 68:69. We three starred 19 bases out of 25. Now we have a war against another clan and they have 2 TH10 more than us.

  19. So at the second attack why didn't you jump instead of earthquake? I don't understand :/

  20. Awesome Ash!!! As always!!!

  21. Hey Ash I did a bowler walk with two healers. It worked well. U can check it out if you like. #L9QP9JC my name is Just The Tip. Love your videos!

  22. Nice vid keep up Clash of clans

  23. hi clasherZ! I found this amazing site where you can get GEMzz for FRee! I just tried this gen to get 94,444 gems in clash of clans and it works! > https://twitter.com/a9a8fa3380ecab7f3/status/718815972891762688?pidid=5f0b799d-448c-4e67-b8b0-78440927079c How to Shattered GoVaHo 3 Star War Attack Strategy for TH9 | Clash of Clans – With the New Valkyries

  24. I forgot what shattered means

  25. Hi Ash,
    I am in Altar of trials, TH8. I am just starting to use Valks, any chance of a strategy video for valks at th8?
    Cheers, Ueee

  26. did he just say ' oh no we lost some hogriders because of that jump spell' xD

  27. I use almost the same army comp for govaho. After a lot of trial and error I found 8 valks and 18 hogs work best. Also, use only 1 spell on valks either heal or rage, I actually prefer rage, more than that becomes a waste. 2 heals for hogs. I also use 6 wiz for funnel and 1 for clean up with 2 archers. Try this out and hopefully you can rock with it.

  28. Yeah they have less life and I struggle with the time also. was 3 staring pretty much every attack with govaho before the patch. Gotta adapt the strategies having to deal with the clan castles again too 😛 nice vid!

  29. I'm a th9 lvl 96 whit hero's bbk lvl 10 and aq lvl 5. And my valkery's are lvl 2. Do you think this is good enough?


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