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How to restart your village

How to restart your village
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Supercell are not allowing users to reset their village in game. This is due to their policy. If you want to reset your game then please watch the video below for iOS and follow the instructions below for Android.

Requires a factory reset, you can restore from backup:

Go to: Device Settings > Application Manager > Clash of Clans > Clear Data > OK.
You will need to make a NEW G+ account for the new village to be linked to if your old village was already linked, to do so Goto: Device Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google > New. Then make the account. After making it open up Clash and you will be greeted with the tutorial. After going through it be sure to link your village to the new G+ account you created.

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  1. Why cannot just start new village?
    If you give use to change name? Why we cannot option not to change it?
    Why when name is changed, we cannot change to old name?
    Why not allow us to reset village?

  2. Would you need to create a new Google+ account if you went to the app settings in Google+ and deleted CoC?

  3. Thank you so much it worked! I can finally transfer my ipod account onto my new android phone. I played CoC on blue stacks and I had too high of a town hall level to transfer onto my android phone.

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