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How to “Hide” your Elixir

How to “Hide” your Elixir
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This trick is to be used before you go to bed or leave the game unattended for a extended period of time without a shield. Here is what you do…

  1. Make sure your camps are completely full of troops.
  2. Fill up your barracks with wallbreakers.
  3. That’s IT!

What this does, is hides your elixir from anyone that could attack you. Not only will they not see it when they look at your base, but they also will not be able to steal it. How much can you hide? well, if you have 4 level 10 barracks and level 4 wallbreakers, you can hide 750,000 elixir. 75 troops in each barracks and 2,500 for each troop. Just be sure to remove the wallbreakers when you wake up/when you donate to people, or you will end up with a lot of wallbreakers.

More realistically, if you have a level 7 barracks, you can hold 50 troops. Each level 4 wallbreaker costs 2,500 to train – so you will be hiding 500,000 elixir. Try it out and let me know what you think!

Check this out chief!

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  1. & we can also hide dark expires

  2. Of course beacause if the camp will full the barracks will stop training the troops

  3. Unrelated.
    Impossible to save or revenge after elixir when others buy up so high. Thx for the play while it lasted not worth the time now.sorry

  4. It’s getting old real fast that the moment I get to 20k of dark elixir.one can steal up to 1500 of it and I only produce 45 an hour. The week long shield worth I bought is gone in two days. How could people ever save. The other issue is I cannot turn around and raid back cause I’m going against a bought camp. Not worth my time anymore. Thx tho for the gaming distraction

  5. Hi
    that is not quite true , you can hide only 375000 red elixir because the wallbreakers are holding 2 housing space.
    therefor ( 75 troops * 4 level 10 barracks * 2500 cost / 2 housing space = 375000) .

  6. Couldn’t this be done with any other troop as well? I know the level 5 wallbreaker costs 1500 per housing space. But a dragon level 3 would be 1800 per space or a level 3 pekka would be 1600 per space.

    The same could be done with dark elixir as well since those are different barracks. Level 2 Valkyrie and Golem are 12.5 and 13.3 dark elixir per housing unit.

    So if you have those you would be able to hide the dark elixir as well, correct?

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