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How to Get Big Loots in Clash of Clans – Part 3 of 3

How to Get Big Loots in Clash of Clans – Part 3 of 3
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Part 3 of 3: Deploying Your Troops

1. Determine if you’re going for the resource collectors, the storage facilities, or both. This will help you decide where you should place your troops. Your target will depend greatly on the layout of the base and its defenses.
  • If going for resource collectors, look for resource collectors that are placed outside the walls, stacked together, or outside of the range of defenders.
  • If you are going for storage, look for the easiest way to reach the storage buildings and for storages that are bunched together.
2. Understand how to deploy your troops. Select the desired troop by tapping on the troop icon at the bottom. Deploy the troops at enemy’s base by tapping anywhere on the base. Do not deploy troops all at one place, or mortars will destroy them in one single hit.
3. Send your Barbarians in first. Identify the weakest sides of the base, or the closest locations to any storages or resource collectors, and deploy your barbarians. Once your barbarians have started taking fire from defenders, send in your archers to start attacking everything in sight.
  • Use your Wall Breaker to clear a path for your barbarians to pour through.
4. Send in the goblins after the barbarians. After you have deployed your barbarians and archers, and a path has been cleared, send in your Goblins. They will make a beeline for the nearest resource buildings, so make sure you deploy them in a location that takes advantage of this.
5. Go for the gold. If resource collectors are placed outside the walls, hit them with your troops. If the enemy’s defense is in the range and it killed your troops, deploy a stronger troop like a giant first so that it absorbs the damage done by defense and you can deploy attacking troops.

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