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How to Get Big Loots in Clash of Clans – Part 1 of 3

How to Get Big Loots in Clash of Clans – Part 1 of 3
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Getting a lot of loot from a Clash of Clans battle is exhilarating, but it requires a little planning to pull off effectively. because of the cost of troops and finding a target, raiding can become very expensive. With a good balance of lower-level troops and an eye for juicy targets however, you can actually pull in a lot of loot.

Part 1 of 3: Building Your Army

1. Focus on an Archer/Barbarian combination. These two units will make up the bulk of your army. Barbarians draw the attention of defenders and soak up damage, while archers hang back and destroy buildings from afar.
  • Your going to need around 90 archers and 60-80 barbarians
2. Add Goblins. Goblins are great for getting loot, as they automatically target resource buildings from the start. they are also the fastest unit in the game. They don’t have much health, so they’ll need to be deployed behind your main troops if you want them to survive.
3. Add a Wall Breaker to each group. These guys will let you get through tough walls much quicker, giving your troops more time to attack buildings before they succumb to defenders.
4. Upgrade your units. Upgraded units will survive much longer in combat. Upgrading your units should be one of your early priorities so that you can increase your returns from battles.
5. Train effectively. Split your training up between Barracks to create a well-rounded army as efficiently as possible.
  • In the first two Barracks, train 45 archers each to reach your 90 total.
  • In the second two Barracks, train 40 barbarians each to reach your 80 total.
  • Split your support troop training across all the Barracks.

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