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How to Farm in Clash of Clans Guide – Part 4 of 4

How to Farm in Clash of Clans Guide – Part 4 of 4
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1. Run Collector Raids.


These are typically the best for farming, as collectors are easier to raid than storages. Make sure to only perform these raids when you find a town with full collectors.

2. Run Storage Raids.


if you can’t find towns with full collectors, you will need to run Storage Raids. Try to find towns where the layout is poorly optimized or where the storages aren’t defended well so that you have enough time to destroy them and collect the loot.

3. Deploy your troops in small numbers.


Send your troops in groups of five or so to minimize the effects of Mortars and Wizard Towers, which can wreak havoc on large groups.

  • Use Giants as distractions since they can soak up lots of damage.
  • Avoid deploying Wallbreakers if a mortar is incoming.

4. Focus on the loot first.


Once the attack begins, you’ll want to focus first and foremost on the loot. Destroy the collectors or the storage, depending on the raid. This usually puts your destruction rate at 30%.

5. Avoid using spells.


Spells can help turn the tide of battle, but they can be very expensive. Try to avoid spells if at all possible, or you may not make any profit on the attack.

6. Get your destruction rate up to 50%.


Use archers to destroy some of the unprotected buildings to boost your destruction rate up to about 50%. This will help you win some trophies so that you can maintain your trophy range.

7. Maintain your trophy level.


Try to stay within the 1,100-1,200 range at all times. If you start to go above 1,200, lose a few battles on purpose to lower yourself back down. If you go too high, you will have extreme difficulty finding viable targets for your farming efforts.

  • You can forfeit battles after gaining the resources you need to ensure that you don’t get too high of a rating.

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