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How to Farm in Clash of Clans Guide – Part 3 of 4

How to Farm in Clash of Clans Guide – Part 3 of 4
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1. Look for specific resource types.


You will be much more successful when farming if you focus on a specific resource type instead of towns with a spread of resources. Having a spread of resources in your town also makes you a target for all other farmers.

  • Pay attention to the upgrades you need next and focus on that resource.

2. Look at the resource total.


Ideally, the town you target will have about 100k of the resource you want, and won’t require a large army to take. You can also look for towns that have more resources and are poorly defended.

3. Look for inactive towns.


These are the best targets you can find, as you can usually score large hauls for minimal effort.

  • If the town has gray league shields, then it has been inactive for at least the current season.
  • If the Builder’s huts are “sleeping”, the player is likely neglecting the base.
  • Look for round loot numbers. This usually indicates that the storages are empty by the collectors are full, which means that they will be easy picking.

4. Look at the Town Hall level.


Always keep the opposing town hall level in mind. You are penalized 10% for attacking a Town Hall one level below, and 50% for a Town Hall two levels below you. If you think you can get away with it, attack Town Halls with a higher level, as you get bonus rewards.

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