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HOW DID THIS EVEN WORK?! | Clash of Clans | ALL Beta Minions Spam in CoC

HOW DID THIS EVEN WORK?! | Clash of Clans | ALL Beta Minions Spam in CoC
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How did this guy win with ALL Beta Minions when he just spammed them all in a corner.. Cmon Clash of Clans!

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  1. hey cam why didn't you used baby drags on ulas?

  2. I don't mean to be dirty minded but if your base is a human the crusher is its penis 😂

  3. play more normal base builder base is kinda boring

    bombers jump

  5. Hey bro! I care for u! And hat's why i m saying to u that u should not record videos in dark! it might affect ur eyes badly! So kindly read this cmmnt! Cmmnt Might help u! Thank You!

  6. TH10 for sale $15 xbox card

  7. Attention Town Hall 9s! Starting small but we are going to eventually be a very strong clan. If you would like to join, the clan name is "Bandit Nine"

  8. TBH 39% is a good attack at 1k trophies

  9. Wait wouldn't it be better if the Archer towers were down???

  10. cashforapps hack code f7ded0 (working)

  11. playing clash while watching your vids is like masturbating while watching porn

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  13. Can may suck at attacking, but his bases are LEGENDARY!!

  14. First

    Letter of the alphabet is A

  15. I just upgraded bh to lvl5 and you don't even imagine how long I was looking for the third spring trap..

  16. He doesn't know even the basic attacking strategy

  17. I hope you don't mind but ima steal your base cam

  18. Obtain 99k F.r.e.e G.e.m.s Directly into M.y Cha.nn.el

  19. if you can say less somehow, somehow the video will be more enjoyable.

  20. Push me to the the edge "All my bombers are dead." -Chris

  21. this is an old video……he is BH 6……………

  22. Cam: All my bombers are dead

  23. the second live attack was me

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