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High Level Balloonion Guide

High Level Balloonion Guide
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This is a popular high-level attack strategy, often used in high crystal to champions league.

Minimum Housing Space Required: 220

Troop Type Quantity Min Lvl
Minions 35 3
Balloons 30 5
Freeze Spells if th10, 1 1
Rage Spells 3
Lightning Spells 1 5

If you are th10, use one freeze spell too. King, Queen, and clan castle troops optional.

  1. Drop a Minion to check for clan castle troops.
  2. If any, take them out with the lightning spell and finish them off with minions.
  3. Then, drop rage spells at left and right, BEFORE Balloons.
  4. Next, spread out your balloons along the rage spell’s lines, and follow up with minions.
  5. When the Balloons meet in the middle, use last rage spell.
  6. If you are th10, drop the freeze on the Infernos.
  7. Make sure if you will win, DON’T drop King and Queen.
  8. Win (most of the time)

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